Superdash – the Superteam!

supertown full castI’m sure you’re dying to find out how we did on the Superdash – right?

16 intrepid heroes, setting out to cover the 350km distance between Leeds and Edinburgh in just two weeks by walking, swimming, and running…what could go wrong?!

The final event was the Leeds 10k – and the members of our team who ran it really were heroes!

It was a warm sunny day, and we gathered FAR too early in Millenium Square to see our heroes off. The atmosphere was amazing – lots of people ready to run and cheer the race on.

We made our way to the start line – Rachel, Claire and I were there to support and film as much of the race as we could. What we hadn’t anticipated in our supporting role was the long walk from the start to the finish, and when we were trapped behind the race barriers we realised we would have to rush over to make it to the finish in time to catch our heroes!

We made sure we shouted and cheered our support to all the runners, with an extra specially loud call for our own Superteam!

Super 10k!And we were all doubly excited, as not only had our Superteam run 80km between them, but we had SMASHED our Superdash target!

Video of the final leg of the Superdash!

Our intrepid Supertown reporter, Rachel Winfield, has interviewed the participants to see how they found the Superdash:

Of course, two of our team were in the Caribbean for the duration of the challenge, but we didn’t let them off the hook:

The hardest bit was the 15km walk surprisingly, as we did that on the Disney Island and the heat made it unbearable! And I had awful sunburn afterwards as well!!

Click here for Sophie and Rob’s story!

You would think that a mere 15km walk would be easy for Thunderman: think again!

I spent most of my day napping with the TV on after that!

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Even super-fit Supertown cameraman Will Sadler had his moments:

There really was a feeling that “we’re all in this together”, through thick and thin, from physical challenges to terrifying insects (really, James: butterflies?!)

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The two Matthews, Matt Stirk and Matthew Jameson brought their own special something to the Superdash:

I then had to rush into the theatre as I was DSMing a show, wasn’t able to shower so just festered in the corner all evening – pleasant!

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James, our director and writer of Supertown took part in every event!

About 4k in I had the makings of an angry blister, and by 7k, every step was a full on, blister-squeezing ordeal.

James’ Superdash Story

And finally, the Superdash wasn’t the easiest of challenges for all our team. Claire Sidgwick, playing dog woman, revealed it was no walk in the park:

This time last year it would have seemed like a relative marathon!

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Many thanks to our reporter, Rachel, for collecting all these stories!

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Superdash – the Superteam: Rob and Sophie


Hi there! This is the Supertown reporter, bringing you more news from the Superteam on their recent Superdash!

Today I’m speaking to our very own Supertown composer and MD, Robert Sanders, and Sophie Massa who plays the lead – Sally!

They spent their Superdash in the Caribbean – jealous, us?!

How did you find your tropical Superdash Sophie?

I really missed doing the Superdash with the rest of the cast, as it looked like the ‘real’ events were so much fun! But we still had a great time doing it on the Disney Cruise Ship (although it was quite testing at times in the heat!) It was great fun to bring some Supertown to the Caribbean! The hardest bit was the 15km walk surprisingly, as we did that on the Disney Island and the heat made it unbearable! And I had awful sunburn afterwards as well!!

Oh no! What a hardship (!) – how did you find it Rob?

We walked our 15km in the Bahamas. Ran our 5km in 27 mins in Jamaica.

And our 10km we did on a sea day

We really struggled with the heat. All courses were flat but were a nightmare because of the heat! Especially the walk which was ridiculously hot!

Any personal highlights?

Finishing ha.

Tbh it was a massive inconvenience ha. We just wanted to sit on the beach.

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This is the Supertown reporter, signing over and out!

Supertown reporter

Superdash – the Superteam: Ste and Dreadfool



Hi there! I’m here with loveable Supervillain Dreadfool, played by Matthew Jameson, and M ‘I’ll Show Them’ himself, Ste played by Matt Stirk, to tell us all about the Superdash.

Dreadfool, how did you find the Superdash?

The Superdash was brilliant and really brought the cast together. One of the highlights was running in the city centre on the hottest day so far this year, that was tough but loads of fun!
The walk was great too and showed us all the different seasons in one afternoon and a really good time to get to know everyone a bit better. Enjoyed every minute.

And how about you Ste? Did you enjoy it as much as Dreadfool?

I was really sorry not to be able to do all the events but life got in the way. However, I was asked to organise the 2 5k runs around leeds. The first run was fun – on the hottest day of the year. The route I’d plotted took us from the Carriageworks, down to the river and then back up to Millennium Square. All easy enough but a number of us went the wrong way a bit. But all that meant is we did a bit more than our allotted millage so all good. The next 5k was the same route, lessons learned and a cooler evening I thought it’d be easier, but a load of the paths were closed off. Jack got ahead of me at the end to take the win! I then had to rush into the theatre as I was DSMing a show, wasn’t able to show so just festered in the corner all evening – pleasant!

A few days later came the Leeds 10k. I’ve never done a 10k in the heat of summer before and found it very hard. The hose pipe at about 8km was most welcome to cool me down. Finished first across the line but came in second overall, about 20 seconds slower than Will – well done him….but he’s substantially younger than me.

Typical Ste!

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This is the Supertown reporter, signing off – until next time!

Supertown reporter

Superdash – the Superteam: Will


Today I am interviewing my plucky Supertown cameraman – Will Sadler!

How did you find the Superdash Will?

I got involved in Superdash to challenge myself and to raise money for 2 fantastic causes. Each of the events was nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure, and the pressure was on to make sure we all completed them. The main positive I found from doing the challenges was the sense of camaraderie and teamship (is that even a word?) that came from us all. There really was a feeling that “we’re all in this together”, through thick and thin, from physical challenges to terrifying insects (really, James: butterflies?!). When it rained on the walk, we all ploughed on, and kept our spirits up, in order to make sure that everyone finished. The feeling of achievement that people felt after each event, when they pushed themselves further than they realised they could go was fantastic, and it was so much better to have people there supporting and encouraging you – it really pushed me over the finish line each time!

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Superdash – the Superteam: Dogwoman


Hi there! This is the Supertown reporter here to tell you more about the story behind the Superdash!

We have Supertown’s very own Dogwoman with us today, played by Claire Sidgwick – if we can get her to sit still long enough, she might tell us her backstory to the Superdash!

How did you find the Superdash?

I’m not going to lie. When it was first suggested that the full cast do a ‘physical challenge’ and 10 k was mentioned, my heart sank a little. Having not long recovered from a debilitating illness (this time last year being bed ridden) and as a result having done little to no exercise in the last year, I was worried but I didn’t want to let the team down. I also wanted to show that I am on the mend and capable of doing a fringe run. Because of this I chose to opt out of the runs but I wanted to do the swim and walk.

The swim. I am not a natural swimmer and my swimming experience is mostly from holidays. I did, however, manage to swim 60 lengths or 1.5km which I am proud of.

The walk. I had anticipated the massive blisters and sore muscles the next day which didn’t disappoint. I had not, however, anticipate wading through nettles and other vicious plants! It was a gorgeous day though and we all had a good laugh (particularly at the pub!) Again I am proud of having walked 10 k.

The Superdash has been challenging but I’m really glad I took part. It was great to spend time as a team and get to know the people we are going to be living with in Edinburgh. It may not seem much to most people, but I am really pleased with what I have achieved. This time last year it would have seemed like a relative marathon!

Thanks Claire – well done for your achievements!

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That’s all from me for now – this is the Supertown reported signing out!

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Superdash – the Superteam: James


Here I am again, Supertown’s intrepid reporter, reporting on the recent Superdash by our Superteam!

Being interviewed today is our director and writer of Supertown, James Sidgwick, also playing loveable rubbish Superhero ‘Zapper’.

James – as the inventor of the Superdash, how did you find it?

For me, the Superdash turned out to be infinitely more worthwhile than I’d ever anticipated! The idea behind the series of events, was to:
a) – do something good as a team for a worthy cause; and
b) – to involve the whole team in an ambitious fundraising activity that would challenge them, and be tough enough to inspire their friends and family to donate to the cause.
However, there was a byproduct that I hadn’t anticipated, and that was the immense boost to our team spirit, and sense of camaraderie that undertaking such a tough challenge together would yield. (Something that I’m sure will pay dividends when the 16 of us are all living under one roof next month!)

When we set out on our Superdash journey on Saturday 27th June at Pudsey Leisure Centre, we didn’t know if we’d make it, and at that stage we hadn’t raised much money… it was all a bit tentative. However, we got our heads down and I found myself ploughing on through the sore muscles and exhaustian to pull out a full 3km! I’d set my target quite a bit lower than this, but more than anything I wanted to do my best, and so, like Dory in Finding Nemo employed the mantra ‘just keep swimming’.
As the events unfolded, and the running total increased, the full team got stuck head first into both the fundraising, and distance-raising sides of the Superdash, and it’s ended up being not only incredibly physically tough, but also, hugely rewarding!

Any low moments?
Obviously, this cast has been in place for a number of months, and we all know eachother, but bonding over something like the Superdash has been a really fantastic experience. For me I haven’t really had any low-lights. Even running a 5k on the hottest day of the decade, or walking 16.8km through a hangover and a full year’s worth of different weather!

And what was your personal highlight?

My highlight would have to be Leeds 10k. Definitely the toughest of the challenges, but that makes it all the more rewarding. About 4k in I had the makings of an angry blister, and by 7k, every step was a full on, blister-squeezing ordeal. However, the support from our friends and other team members who came to cheer us on definitely helped keep me going, and, for people like me who are just not good at running, and also don’t like running, it’s an amazing feeling to get to the end of something like that and know you pushed yourself for a good reason, and that so many people are supporting you from within, and outside of our little ‘SuperTeam’.

There you have it folks! All that’s left to say is: Keeeeeeep donating!

Keeeep donating!

Supertown reporter

Superdash – the Superteam: ThunderDan


Hi, I’m Rachel, the Supertown Reporter. In a flying visit, Thunderman has kindly taken the time to fill us in on his Superdash escapades. To my amusement, he also spent most of the time checking himself out in the mirror…

How did you find the Superdash Dan?

The Superdash was a fantastic experience for me, I took part in the walk, 5k and the Leeds 10k. The most challenging for me was actually the 15k walk, I spent most of my day napping with the TV on after that!
To my surprise the 10k for me was the easiest of the 3 events I took place in, however I feel this was more to do with a fantastic atmosphere and amazing support from all involved that kept me going, needless to say I’m definitely signing up for another next year!

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