Superdash – the Superteam!

supertown full castI’m sure you’re dying to find out how we did on the Superdash – right?

16 intrepid heroes, setting out to cover the 350km distance between Leeds and Edinburgh in just two weeks by walking, swimming, and running…what could go wrong?!

The final event was the Leeds 10k – and the members of our team who ran it really were heroes!

It was a warm sunny day, and we gathered FAR too early in Millenium Square to see our heroes off. The atmosphere was amazing – lots of people ready to run and cheer the race on.

We made our way to the start line – Rachel, Claire and I were there to support and film as much of the race as we could. What we hadn’t anticipated in our supporting role was the long walk from the start to the finish, and when we were trapped behind the race barriers we realised we would have to rush over to make it to the finish in time to catch our heroes!

We made sure we shouted and cheered our support to all the runners, with an extra specially loud call for our own Superteam!

Super 10k!And we were all doubly excited, as not only had our Superteam run 80km between them, but we had SMASHED our Superdash target!

Video of the final leg of the Superdash!

Our intrepid Supertown reporter, Rachel Winfield, has interviewed the participants to see how they found the Superdash:

Of course, two of our team were in the Caribbean for the duration of the challenge, but we didn’t let them off the hook:

The hardest bit was the 15km walk surprisingly, as we did that on the Disney Island and the heat made it unbearable! And I had awful sunburn afterwards as well!!

Click here for Sophie and Rob’s story!

You would think that a mere 15km walk would be easy for Thunderman: think again!

I spent most of my day napping with the TV on after that!

Read ThunderDan’s story here!

Even super-fit Supertown cameraman Will Sadler had his moments:

There really was a feeling that “we’re all in this together”, through thick and thin, from physical challenges to terrifying insects (really, James: butterflies?!)

Read Super Will’s story here!

The two Matthews, Matt Stirk and Matthew Jameson brought their own special something to the Superdash:

I then had to rush into the theatre as I was DSMing a show, wasn’t able to shower so just festered in the corner all evening – pleasant!

Read the Matthews’ special story here

James, our director and writer of Supertown took part in every event!

About 4k in I had the makings of an angry blister, and by 7k, every step was a full on, blister-squeezing ordeal.

James’ Superdash Story

And finally, the Superdash wasn’t the easiest of challenges for all our team. Claire Sidgwick, playing dog woman, revealed it was no walk in the park:

This time last year it would have seemed like a relative marathon!

Read Claire’s story here

Many thanks to our reporter, Rachel, for collecting all these stories!

Supertown reporterThe deadline to donate to the Supertown cause is coming up fast – Sunday 26th July! Every penny will help us to get closer to our goal, and make sure we can hit the Fringe running. Half of the proceeds will go to Help for Heroes – please donate to this very worthy cause.

Click here to donate

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