Superdash – the Superteam: Will


Today I am interviewing my plucky Supertown cameraman – Will Sadler!

How did you find the Superdash Will?

I got involved in Superdash to challenge myself and to raise money for 2 fantastic causes. Each of the events was nerve-wracking and exciting in equal measure, and the pressure was on to make sure we all completed them. The main positive I found from doing the challenges was the sense of camaraderie and teamship (is that even a word?) that came from us all. There really was a feeling that “we’re all in this together”, through thick and thin, from physical challenges to terrifying insects (really, James: butterflies?!). When it rained on the walk, we all ploughed on, and kept our spirits up, in order to make sure that everyone finished. The feeling of achievement that people felt after each event, when they pushed themselves further than they realised they could go was fantastic, and it was so much better to have people there supporting and encouraging you – it really pushed me over the finish line each time!

Thanks Will! Please donate to Supertown and Help the Heroes!

You can help us by clicking here!

Supertown reporter

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