Superdash – the Superteam: James


Here I am again, Supertown’s intrepid reporter, reporting on the recent Superdash by our Superteam!

Being interviewed today is our director and writer of Supertown, James Sidgwick, also playing loveable rubbish Superhero ‘Zapper’.

James – as the inventor of the Superdash, how did you find it?

For me, the Superdash turned out to be infinitely more worthwhile than I’d ever anticipated! The idea behind the series of events, was to:
a) – do something good as a team for a worthy cause; and
b) – to involve the whole team in an ambitious fundraising activity that would challenge them, and be tough enough to inspire their friends and family to donate to the cause.
However, there was a byproduct that I hadn’t anticipated, and that was the immense boost to our team spirit, and sense of camaraderie that undertaking such a tough challenge together would yield. (Something that I’m sure will pay dividends when the 16 of us are all living under one roof next month!)

When we set out on our Superdash journey on Saturday 27th June at Pudsey Leisure Centre, we didn’t know if we’d make it, and at that stage we hadn’t raised much money… it was all a bit tentative. However, we got our heads down and I found myself ploughing on through the sore muscles and exhaustian to pull out a full 3km! I’d set my target quite a bit lower than this, but more than anything I wanted to do my best, and so, like Dory in Finding Nemo employed the mantra ‘just keep swimming’.
As the events unfolded, and the running total increased, the full team got stuck head first into both the fundraising, and distance-raising sides of the Superdash, and it’s ended up being not only incredibly physically tough, but also, hugely rewarding!

Any low moments?
Obviously, this cast has been in place for a number of months, and we all know eachother, but bonding over something like the Superdash has been a really fantastic experience. For me I haven’t really had any low-lights. Even running a 5k on the hottest day of the decade, or walking 16.8km through a hangover and a full year’s worth of different weather!

And what was your personal highlight?

My highlight would have to be Leeds 10k. Definitely the toughest of the challenges, but that makes it all the more rewarding. About 4k in I had the makings of an angry blister, and by 7k, every step was a full on, blister-squeezing ordeal. However, the support from our friends and other team members who came to cheer us on definitely helped keep me going, and, for people like me who are just not good at running, and also don’t like running, it’s an amazing feeling to get to the end of something like that and know you pushed yourself for a good reason, and that so many people are supporting you from within, and outside of our little ‘SuperTeam’.

There you have it folks! All that’s left to say is: Keeeeeeep donating!

Keeeep donating!

Supertown reporter

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