Superdash – the Superteam: Ste and Dreadfool



Hi there! I’m here with loveable Supervillain Dreadfool, played by Matthew Jameson, and M ‘I’ll Show Them’ himself, Ste played by Matt Stirk, to tell us all about the Superdash.

Dreadfool, how did you find the Superdash?

The Superdash was brilliant and really brought the cast together. One of the highlights was running in the city centre on the hottest day so far this year, that was tough but loads of fun!
The walk was great too and showed us all the different seasons in one afternoon and a really good time to get to know everyone a bit better. Enjoyed every minute.

And how about you Ste? Did you enjoy it as much as Dreadfool?

I was really sorry not to be able to do all the events but life got in the way. However, I was asked to organise the 2 5k runs around leeds. The first run was fun – on the hottest day of the year. The route I’d plotted took us from the Carriageworks, down to the river and then back up to Millennium Square. All easy enough but a number of us went the wrong way a bit. But all that meant is we did a bit more than our allotted millage so all good. The next 5k was the same route, lessons learned and a cooler evening I thought it’d be easier, but a load of the paths were closed off. Jack got ahead of me at the end to take the win! I then had to rush into the theatre as I was DSMing a show, wasn’t able to show so just festered in the corner all evening – pleasant!

A few days later came the Leeds 10k. I’ve never done a 10k in the heat of summer before and found it very hard. The hose pipe at about 8km was most welcome to cool me down. Finished first across the line but came in second overall, about 20 seconds slower than Will – well done him….but he’s substantially younger than me.

Typical Ste!

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