Superdash – the Superteam: ThunderDan


Hi, I’m Rachel, the Supertown Reporter. In a flying visit, Thunderman has kindly taken the time to fill us in on his Superdash escapades. To my amusement, he also spent most of the time checking himself out in the mirror…

How did you find the Superdash Dan?

The Superdash was a fantastic experience for me, I took part in the walk, 5k and the Leeds 10k. The most challenging for me was actually the 15k walk, I spent most of my day napping with the TV on after that!
To my surprise the 10k for me was the easiest of the 3 events I took place in, however I feel this was more to do with a fantastic atmosphere and amazing support from all involved that kept me going, needless to say I’m definitely signing up for another next year!

Why should people donate to Supertown and Help for Heroes?

You can’t go wrong helping out heroes – you never know when you’ll need us!

click here to donate! Half the money goes to Help for Heroes!

This is the Supertown Reporter, over and out!

Supertown reporter

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