‘Game of Thrones’ – or how to land your dream job

game of thrones

You work hard. You always do the right thing. You deserve a promotion (obvs). But for some reason, you’ve never quite got the attention of the right people. Maybe you’ve even watched others rise above you, and thought ‘why not me?’

Shockingly, hard work, determination and appeasing your bosses isn’t always enough. You’d think now in this enlightened day and age that we wouldn’t have to resort to office politics. Power games seem to be a relic from the 80s, along with shoulder pads and frizz, however we might see the evidence in our places of work (not of shoulder pads and frizz, unless you work in an 80s roller-disco, then soz).

Ranging from slight sucking-up to full blown seriously sly and sinister tactics, I’ve put together a guide on how to get your dream job using ideas from one of the sneakiest TV programs around – Game of Thrones.

The key here is to back the right ‘House’ – pick your key power player at work, and provided you’ve made the right choice, untold riches will be yours (probs).

House Lannister


The current boss, holding all the power. You could pay some compliments, do a bit of casual schmoozing – but they may need you to do more than you’re comfortable with for you to prove your worth. Just be wary if there are relatives around also vying for promotion – they do like to keep it in the family, but the amount of back-stabbing (toilet-stabbing) they do between themselves could be exhausting and potentially dangerous to keep up with.

House Baratheon


They have fallen out of favour in the past, but maybe, just maybe they could be the next top dog. This is opportunism at its best – as we know from any film ever, backing the underdog means you’re sure to win. They may now have the means to put up a good fight for the leadership, but it might take more than a box of Black Magic to win them over. (See what I did there?!)

House Stark


Really? You need me to explain why this is bad idea? You’re hardly going to get a-HEAD with this house (may Ned Stark rest in peace) and linking yourself to them won’t be a MARRIAGE made in heaven (tenuous reference to the red wedding) (soz not soz) Yes, we all loved the values Ned held dear, but he paid for these with his life. How much would you put on the line to do the right thing at work?

House Targaryen


Perhaps they’re outsiders, but they’ve got a secret weapon they keep banging on about that will be sure to topple the status quo – so they keep saying…They seem good, and make gestures to make life better for their underlings – probs like upgrading the tea bags from value range to Twinings. Just make sure they know how to use it so that you’re confident it won’t blow up in your face.

House Tyrell


Charismatic, charming, and influential – these are leaders who inspire loyalty and devotion, but have a poisonous undercurrent – this is power and treachery at its pink and fluffy best. These are the trickiest type of boss to impress – do you just try and be good at your job and hope they will notice you, or do you try to stand out by making a clever but potentially risky move?

Of course, you could just work hard, be nice to everyone, and eventually get noticed by your bosses for the right reasons. After all, it’ll probs work out for Brienne of Tarth…


Which of the Houses would you back to get that much desired promotion? Or do you think office politics are a thing of the past?