Superdash – the Superteam: Dogwoman


Hi there! This is the Supertown reporter here to tell you more about the story behind the Superdash!

We have Supertown’s very own Dogwoman with us today, played by Claire Sidgwick – if we can get her to sit still long enough, she might tell us her backstory to the Superdash!

How did you find the Superdash?

I’m not going to lie. When it was first suggested that the full cast do a ‘physical challenge’ and 10 k was mentioned, my heart sank a little. Having not long recovered from a debilitating illness (this time last year being bed ridden) and as a result having done little to no exercise in the last year, I was worried but I didn’t want to let the team down. I also wanted to show that I am on the mend and capable of doing a fringe run. Because of this I chose to opt out of the runs but I wanted to do the swim and walk.

The swim. I am not a natural swimmer and my swimming experience is mostly from holidays. I did, however, manage to swim 60 lengths or 1.5km which I am proud of.

The walk. I had anticipated the massive blisters and sore muscles the next day which didn’t disappoint. I had not, however, anticipate wading through nettles and other vicious plants! It was a gorgeous day though and we all had a good laugh (particularly at the pub!) Again I am proud of having walked 10 k.

The Superdash has been challenging but I’m really glad I took part. It was great to spend time as a team and get to know the people we are going to be living with in Edinburgh. It may not seem much to most people, but I am really pleased with what I have achieved. This time last year it would have seemed like a relative marathon!

Thanks Claire – well done for your achievements!

Claire clearly worked really hard to complete the Superdash – fancy donating some money to Help the Heroes and the Superteam?

Help us out by clicking here!

That’s all from me for now – this is the Supertown reported signing out!

Supertown reporter

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