Moved in with a boy – what next?

It’s been a long time since I last blogged – I never thought I’d take a break for so long!

Since I last blogged I returned back to work after the summer holidays, and things got very busy. I’ve been working a million miles an hour (to the nearest million) and only now am I feeling like I have a moment to spend doing what I’ve found I love – writing.

Moving in with Pedro has been brilliant. Aside from little things like damp towels, left-up toilet seats, and endless dirty washing, he has been the ideal housemate. I’ve missed blogging about the funny things that happen, the lovely things that happen and the downright silly things that happen.

So I’m back – and have lots of stored up topics to blog about! Upcoming headlines include: My indecent love of all things Christmas, recent changes in teaching and education, students – were we really all like that once?, bullying – we never really leave high school, work-life balance, car driving manners, and how YOU can put the ‘super’ in Supertown.

Meanwhile – a few funny things that have happened recently:

Getting all the way to work before realising that I’ve only put makeup on one side of my face, leaving one bare cheek, eye and eyebrow, (and wondering why the truck driver who let me out of a junction gave me an odd look when I gave him a cheery ‘thank you’ wink)

Singing a lovely little song to Pedro about how thankful I am he has accepted me into his life first thing in the morning and feeling slightly affronted at his baffled and sniggering response.

Whiskeroo chasing and devouring an enormous spider – and me being unsure whether to feel proud or disgusted.

Pedro FINALLY caving and letting me watch the Gavin and Stacey Christmas special – IN SEPTEMBER.

My parents smugly saying how good their puppy Freddie is in coming back when they call – just before he legged it after another dog and refused to come back for 15 minutes straight.

Has anything funny happened to you recently? And what topics would you like me to blog about?


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