‘A Modern Way To Eat’ by Anna Jones – Review


This book arrived with me a week ago on the recommendation of a good (and very healthy eating!) friend.

I have to admit, in the past I’ve been sceptical of ‘clean living’, and very reluctant to jump on the band wagon, albeit late in the day. But I can honestly say this book has changed all of that.

From breakfasts and snacks to hearty main meals and rather decadent looking desserts, the stunning food photography, clear recipes and chatty tone make even a health food novice excited about cooking delicious food with new ingredients. Her references to her travels just make me long to try her recipes even more!

Below are two of her breakfasts I have made:

A delicious banana, strawberry, tahini, oat, mint and almond milk smoothie (no, I’d never heard of it either but it’s delicious, low fat and healthy).


Avocado, egg and chilli flakes on wholewheat toast – and like Anna, I’ve taken to calling avocado ‘avo’. Definitely makes me sound cool and in the know.

Not only does Anna give recipe after recipe of amazing sounding food, she also explains the different health benefits of various ingredients, which is really helpful to health-food novices like me. And when I’ve not had in the exact ingredients she specifies, her encouragement to experiment has made me brave to try new combinations.

My favourite recipe is for her ‘Proper Chilli’:


Absolutely full of flavour – it went down a treat!

I cannot recommend this book highly enough. Whether you are wanting to eat more healthily, more sustainably or just try out amazing new recipes from all over the world that deliver on flavour, this book is for you.

Oh, and the one thing I haven’t mentioned – the recipes are all meat-free. The reason I left this fact til last is because I don’t think it matters at all – substituting meat for flavour means not even Pedro was asking where the meat was!

Will you be trying this book?


5 thoughts on “‘A Modern Way To Eat’ by Anna Jones – Review

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    Love, love, love this cook book! And you are right you forget that they are vegetarian. Glad you are having fun with it 😃

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