My Favourite Things

(About living with a boy)

Yes, it’s true that currently chores are not shared out fairly. Yes, it’s true that sometimes I have to move a towel or make the bed after Pedro has left it not quite how I’d like it. However, lounging in bed this morning I am feeling very lucky indeed. And I have realised that the above title should be ‘my favourite things about living with Pedro

Supermarket Shopping
For the last couple of weeks we have gone and done the weekly shop together. Before moving in with Pedro I thought this was probably the dullest of all couple activities, and vowed not to be one of those couples who have a whispered hissing argument in the meat aisle. However it has been hilarious. Pedro pushes the trolley, which is great as I always seem to crash it into things or run people over with it, and we end up being really silly round the supermarket with me shouting ‘arrrrrriba’ when we are buying Mexican food and Pedro pretending that there are zombies coming whenever I take too long on a particular aisle (terrifying but fun). We are potentially the most annoying people in the supermarket (and I’m including the screaming child prevalent in all supermarkets everywhere).

Before I moved in with Pedro I had never ever played a proper ‘game’ with an actual console and everything. Once I had a go on call of duty for about 30 seconds and got my character stuck behind a rock for the entire time so hastily gave up my controller. But I’ve had a go on a game which I’m sure is relatively easy and there are times when I can actually control it properly and I even shot a baddie! Very exciting. The best bit was that Pedro was extremely patient and didn’t get cross with me when I walked into walls or didn’t know how to hit something with my sword and even when I accidentally landed on top of him (in the game that is – it wasn’t a euphemism).

Falling Asleep
Before I moved in with Pedro and we had no internet for a week (it was awful) I used to only be able to fall asleep watching something on my tablet (it’s lush). This would drive Pedro spare as it would light up the room (it didn’t – he was exaggerating). However now I can mostly just go to sleep with nothing which is brilliant. What it does mean is that when we put on a film in the front room I tend to fall asleep – particularly if I’m even slightly tired, and especially if I’m nice and cosy. The best thing about living with Pedro is that he really doesn’t mind, even when it means I missed the entire last hour of Gladiator (spoiler – he wins).

Owning Whiskeroo
Definitely one of the best things about living with Pedro is that I co-own Whiskeroo. Sure, Whiskeroo seems to prefer complete strangers over me, and when Pedro’s around barely acknowledges me, but he is so funny and great. Yesterday we let him out and didn’t block off all the exits from the garden for the first time. Pretty much instantaneously he slipped through the hole in the fence into next door’s garden. After half an hour I panicked and called him – and when he came back I was the happiest ever! He is stinky, and often sinks his claws into my leg or foot when I least expect it, but he is BRILLIANT.

Soppy Warning
The absolute best thing about living with Pedro is cuddles on tap. He is a remarkably cuddly man and never seems to mind my stopping whatever activity he is doing to demand a cuddle. Also he likes to light candles in the front room some evenings and make it all pretty and cosy, because he knows I like it. He is brilliant.

So there you go – a soppy round up of my favourite things about living with Pedro! What’s your favourite thing about living with your partner?


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