Living with the Enemy – an update

So before I moved in with a boy I had a lot of worries about how it would affect my (slightly) OCD tendencies.

I was worried that I would end up not only doing all the cleaning, washing and cooking, but also end up clearing up after Pedro! Surely moving in with someone means you can split these jobs?!

So I’ve decided to reflect on how the household jobs have been ‘split’ almost a month into living with the boy:

Pedro’s Jobs
Taking the bin out (this is great as I have a strong aversion to bin juice!)

DIY – namely putting together various types of IKEA furniture. Don’t get me wrong, I can do this myself, but it is nice not to stress out over what the indecipherable picture means and suddenly realise half-way through that I don’t have the correct screw-driver.

Put up pictures – Pedro is a good height for this being about a million foot tall (to the nearest million) and has a good decisive hammer (not a euphemism). I would generally hit anywhere but the nail, and then end up with the picture falling off the wall due to my lack of ability to secure the nail far enough into the wall.

Man the BBQ – absolutely crucial, so that I can sit and sip a drink.

OCCASIONALLY cook – see below in my jobs for more details…

Feed the cat – not a euphemism.

My Jobs
Cook pretty much every single meal – this is partly down to my new health kick, and I’ve been trying out new recipes which has been pretty fun. As I’m currently on holiday and Pedro is working I have also been making him lunch EVERY SINGLE DAY. Even when I went away to Jersey for a few days I packed his lunches in advance!! Incidentally these couple of days were the only time when Pedro cooked dinner – for himself. I want to make this clear that this state of affairs will NOT be continuing when I return to work!

Cleaning – Pedro has hoovered – once. However the rest of the cleaning has been moi. Again, being on holiday means that I suppose I’ve had more time to do this…

Washing – Pedro has not used the washing machine ONCE. Even when I was away he left his washing for me to do once I was back! Rude.

Cleaning out the cat’s litter tray – so far I’ve done this more than Pedro but I have a feeling this weekend will be the perfect time for him to level up and match me.

Loading and unloading the dishwasher – Pedro insists he has done this more than once. I am not convinced.

Hmm – not very evenly matched is it really?! I’m slightly worried that Pedro will be getting used to this maid service – any ideas on how I should broach this topic of splitting the jobs more fairly? To be fair to Pedro he has acknowledged that I’m doing about a million jobs (to the nearest million) compared to him. Should we go for a formal rota? Or should I start encouraging him to be a bit more fair with positive reinforcement a la Sheldon and Penny in the Big Bang Theory?!


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