Wedding Weekend!

Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days – but I’ve had the most amazing wedding to go to!

The lead up to the wedding as a guest is very exciting. Having just moved house we had a slightly panicked couple of days of prep.

It involved finding those little annoying things that you never know where they are – eg shoe polish, cufflinks, ties etc – oh wait, that would be all Pedro’s things then…but in all honesty it was so fun.

We went a shopping trip the day before to find a smart shirt for Pedro and I decided to buy some new shoes…then had to buy a pashmina to go with (by pashmina I clearly mean ‘scarf-thing’ – I don’t think I’ve ever said ‘pashmina’ as a serious word). But of course there were no scarf-things the right colour. There were a million (to the nearest million) in every other colour of the rainbow, but none that were right. Pedro came into his own and gave me some ideas of different colour combos – by his own admission he is not at all stylish, but he was trying to be ever so helpful bless him!

Eventually I realised that I had a pair of shoes, bag and a scarf-thing that would all go already….having just bought a new pair of shoes. They were LUSH so I’m keeping!

The morning of the wedding was very exciting. HORRENDOUS weather – the type where you feel like you might have to start building an ark. To get to Pedro’s car I had to hop over wet dress and try to sit in his car in a way that wouldn’t crease my dress which had quite a voluminous netted skirt. I couldn’t wait to see the bride and groom – good friends of mine who are so in love!

It was the first wedding Pedro and I have attended together, and I was looking forward to it. In the past I had always attended weddings alone, hanging out with my coupled up friends. I’d always felt a pang of sadness at weddings, because no matter how happy you are for the couple you always compare your own love life to theirs!

The bride was absolutely stunning, and the groom very handsome. They were both very emotional but managed to keep their emotions to a level where they could still say their vows – just! It was an amazing venue and I loved getting to know all their friends and family, and had an incredible time.

It was very nice to have someone to dance with, and squeeze the hand of during the service. That sentence sounds like it could have been anyone there – but it meant the world that it was Pedro. We had a very soppy time dancing and kissing and generally being that annoying coupley couple!

So this post is dedicated to Jess and Scott – a wonderful couple who deserve every happiness.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Weekend!

  1. This is about the millionth (to the nearest millionth)- to quote you- wedding I’ve heard about from this weekend. Clearly it’s the done time!! I totally understand though me and Andy went to a wedding in may and I loved being there with him!

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