Weightwatchers Wednesday 2

So for the last week and a half I’ve been on my health kick – and I do feel a lot better already! I’ve been eating really yummy healthy food, and even trying out some new dinner recipes which have been delicious. Pedro has been supporting me on it, and he has enjoyed the varied dinners too. I feel much more awake, and my skin is looking good. The one thing I have really noticed is that the dark circles under my eyes have reduced, although this could also be down to getting more sleep as it’s the school holidays! The main thing that has improved is that I have more energy in the evenings – as Pedro found out when I was dancing around to the music in Beverley Hills Cop!

The other day I gave low fat baking a go. I used a Hairy Bikers (Hairy Dieters) recipe for banana muffins:


They definitely look the part, but with no sugar or butter in them they don’t have the texture of shop bought muffins. I also found them not very sweet, so I would use more banana next time.

I also had a go at some chocolate and beetroot brownies, a recipe from the recent Weightwatchers magazine.


They looked good, and tasted nice and chocolatey despite only using a bit of chocolate. However the texture wasn’t at all brownie-like, it was more cakey and was really crumbly.

Overall I was underwhelmed with the low fat baking. Does anyone have any good recipes I could try?

Ps I forgot to mention…last week I lost 3lbs!


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