Things I Didn’t Want Pedro To Know…

As we have now been living together for two weeks I thought I had better come clean with Pedro. Don’t get me wrong, before we moved in together we knew each other pretty well, and had spent weekends away together, even a whole week living together straight after Christmas. But as with any relationship, there are still little habits I haven’t let Pedro know…

Like many other people (I hope!) I become quite gassy at times. Particularly, it would seem, on a morning. So far I have managed to hide this from Pedro – but with living together, it has all come out (pardon the pun). Ever so sorry to overshare here! I have noticed in the last few days since eating more healthily this issue hasn’t occurred…fingers crossed it isn’t something Pedro will have to put up with again!

When I’m hungry, or stressed, I get very grumpy and snappy. This all came to a head in a recent trip to IKEA to choose lampshades for the lights in several rooms in our home. We were very hot, and it was past lunchtime. Decisions had to be made, and things were getting tense. This was the closest to a big argument we had come to, and it was over something as silly as lampshades. This is the power of my grumpiness at times of hunger and stress.

I’ve managed to maintain the facade that I am always with smooth pins, clean hair, and with a fresh face. However now that we live together, Pedro is well aware that my legs are not always smooth. He now knows that when I’m in the house alone all day I don’t bother with any makeup, and that with my hair being so long and thick it is not feasible to wash it every day (I know – I’m disgusting).

So far these facts have not put him off…fingers crossed that he will continue to appreciate me even with these horrible habits!

What’s your worst habit that you wouldn’t want people to know?


5 thoughts on “Things I Didn’t Want Pedro To Know…

  1. Martha says:

    Technically it’s not good to wash your hair every day anyway… so you can say it’s all part of the healthy new you! x

  2. Far FAR too hard on yourself.

    Being gassy cannot be termed a ‘habit’. In fact I think it’s a great milestone when you can feel comfortable and smile about such natural (but socially awkward things)…it’s amazing when you get to a stage where it can bring a smile rather than shame.

    Grooming and grumpiness are both things that need ongoing attention to manage expectations on acceptable levels but again, they are hardly ‘horrible habits’.

    I hope Pedro reads your article and gives you a hug 🙂

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