End of an Era

Yesterday I ended my tenancy at my flat.

I won’t lie – it was very emotional. For the last couple of years I have loved living there. As I’ve said before, it really is the flat of dreams.

Was it the great location that made it so amazing? Or the beautiful finish and light, spacious airy rooms? Was it the dishwasher even? Well, yes. It’s all of those things. But mostly it was the memories created there.

In that flat I spent hours planning and working on my career. In that flat I cried tears over silly boys. In that flat I fell in love.

The thing that I’ll miss the most about the flat? Housemate. Housemate is a genuine legend. She loves trash TV perhaps even more than I do. She is more than happy to sit quietly on an evening chatting, working, and watching TV. She bought me supplies of chocolate and diet coke when I was working 14 hour days. She is a very very good friend.

After a couple of hours of frantic hoovering, having poured the entire contents of a bag of carpet powder over my old bedroom ready for the new incumbent, I locked up for the last time.

To my Housemate’s new Housemate – enjoy the flat. Love your new room. But above all, value Housemate. She is one of a kind.

What do you think makes a great Housemate?


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