Teething Problems

Since moving in with Pedro there have been a few…teething problems. Oh, nothing major. Just a few little niggles that I need some advice on how to handle!

Too much STUFF
Pedro has moved from a full house of stuff, whereas I have moved from a flat. It was inevitable that Pedro would have more things than me – however in our relationship he has hidden something from me. Pedro is a secret hoarder. He keeps EVERYTHING. The first I knew of this was when hanging up our clothes in our wardrobe. His t-shirts took up 3/4 of the space – many of which I had never seen before. His DVDs took up 4 out of 6 shelves. Yesterday I gently persuaded him to cull some of his collections – which to his credit, he did. I made it clear that he could keep anything he really wanted and that we would find space for it – but the amount of THINGS that neither of us had any room for, both in our home and in our lives, were making me stressed out!

Damp things on the bed
(Not a euphemism) So Pedro has put damp washing and damp towels on the bed a couple of times. I pointedly, but quietly, removed them. Eventually I knew I had to say something, and so carefully (so that Pedro wouldn’t suspect I was a seething ball of incandescent and unjustifiable rage) I let him know that the bed was not a place for wet clothes or towels. So far, so good.

The toilet seat
Before we moved in together, prompted by a blog post, Pedro and I discussed the toilet seat issue. Pedro argued that he would always have to lift the toilet seat up, so where was the problem in me having to put it down? AH-HA! I exclaimed, like a villain in an old film, for three out of four of our toilet functions (soz to be crude – not soz) the toilet seat needs to be DOWN! And with that I thought the argument won. No, no, NO. The seat is always up.

The positives of living with Pedro far far outweigh these little niggles. So I need your advice:
How do I go about making these changes? Or do I need to just calm down and let them go?


4 thoughts on “Teething Problems

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    Pretend to let them go, whilst slowly filtering out clothes. It may take a few years. One shirt a month but he will never notice. Worked for me-ha, ha! Mr C had shirts from when he was at 6th form! On the toilet front, no, no Pedro! In our house everything on the toilet has to be down, ever since I watched a documentary about rats…..

  2. I don’t know what to say about the stuff, because I struggle to through stuff away too and minimalism’s expensive.
    Re: The damp things, maybe have a clothes/towel horse (folding chair I have) near the bed so tthat he can easily throw things on to that.
    And the toilet seat. Well, you should both be closing the lid on the toilet every time you flush (before washing your hands), for the germs in the bowl get sprayed all over your bathroom otherwise. Your problem’s solved because you’ll both have to close it and open it every time. Compromise and hygienic.

    Just my two pennysworth. Love the blog and you write beautifully. Keep it up.

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