THAT post – my reaction

Two weeks ago today I published a post on teaching, entitled ‘I am the so-called ‘lazy’ teacher‘. This was written as my reaction (and that of my colleagues) to the unbalanced media coverage of the NUT and UNISON strike on Thursday 10th July.

The coverage implicated teachers as ‘lazy’, and showed mainly negative reactions from the public – my post was written in response to that.

I wouldn’t want you to think that I hate my job – on the contrary, I love it. I just wanted to clarify how teachers feel when we are dubbed as ‘lazy’.

I had no idea what a chord this would strike with my fellow teachers and their families everywhere. Imagine my shock when on the first day of posting it reached 500 views – a huge figure for someone whose blog posts are lucky to reach 100 views. I was in a restaurant with some old friends, and I punched the air like an idiot! The next couple of days were ridiculous – 4 thousand, then twenty thousand views. These numbers were unfathomable. To get over it I had to tickle Pedro mercilessly – I seriously couldn’t even begin to comprehend how many people were reading my post!

I loved that it opened up the debate on teachers’ pay, pensions and work load. I received comments on various sites all over the world sharing their views – a great way to show non-teachers another side to the story.

And now? This ‘lazy’ teacher has just broken up for the holidays, and right now I am sat on my sofa, cat on my knee, watching Mad Men whilst drinking ridiculous amounts of orange squash. Lazy? Right now – yes. A deserved holiday? YES.



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