Moving in with a boy – part 1

So (finally!) after waiting for what feels like a million years (to the nearest million) I have moved in with a boy. Not just any boy, obviously. It would take a much more business minded person than me to move in with a boy just for the purposes of a catchy blog title – no, no – I’ve moved in with the rather wonderful Pedro.

But wait – let’s go back, to moving in eve (a legitimate use of the word eve right?) I spent last week in a haze of shock at how many people were reading my post on teaching (see it below) and of tiredness from several long days at work and from the worst ever summer cold which had knocked me for six. Not an ideal time to be packing for moving house, I’m sure you’ll agree. Nevertheless, by Moving-In Eve (I think capitalising it makes it more legit) I was pretty much ready to move in with a boy.
I won’t lie, it was an emotional time. I felt like I’d grown up in that flat – in the time I’ve lived there I’ve travelled from my early to my (ahem) late-r twenties, formative years for any woman I’m sure you’ll agree! Also I was leaving Housemate – an absolute legend.
Housemate and I had planned a right send off – celebrity masterchef final (sheet tv perfection), an enormous pizza, various types of alcohol, and chocolate cake. Now, Housemate had been her usual amazing self and had bought me the most enormous chocolate cake you have ever seen, pre-cut into slices for all my moving in helpers. Such a great idea! But obviously Housemate and I had to quality control it before letting it lose on them.
I do feel quite tearful about leaving Housemate – I have a feeling Pedro will not enjoy Made In Chelsea or I Wanna Marry Harry (classic) with me quite as much as she did. Still, I can pop round now and again surely?!
Housemate and I made the excellent judgement of getting fairly tipsy early on in the evening to avoid a hangover the next morning – worked a treat. This, combined with our early start for work meant we were both in bed by 10pm. I remember lying there, thinking I would never get to sleep as I would be thinking about what I had to do tomorrow, and that it was my last night and that….
Yep – went straight to sleep!

Moving in with a boy – part 2 – follows tomorrow with the moving-in day….headlines include ‘is that sweat or rain?’ and ‘why is there no hot water?’


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