Summer Hatin’

After yesterday’s sunny (see what I did there?!) post about Summer, I decided to give the balanced view of Summer I know you are all craving.

So here is my list of things I hate about Summer, or my Summer Rant:

  • Heat. I get too hot very easily. I hate it. I hate being all red faced and sweaty when other more beautiful beings drift serenely past. Awful.
  • The competition to have a more amazing summer than your friends. That dreaded question ‘What’re you up to over summer?’ Erm…hanging round my house? Trying to amuse myself by making outfits for the cat? Watching all my DVDs?
  • Working over summer. As a teacher, being expected to teach 6 classes a day of 30 warm teenagers is UNACCEPTABLE. Yes, I know, I get 6 weeks off (it is only 5 and a half this year btw) but I can’t sit at a desk with a lovely fan on drinking endless cold water.
  • The winge about teacher’s holidays. Every year my hackles rise when I go into a shop or bump into someone at a bus stop for a lovely chat over the month of August, and they inevitably ask if I’m a teacher, then feel the urge to point out ‘Well, it’s alright for some isn’t it?’ I think this particular rant needs a post all of its own…
  • Revealing clothes. Watching jealously as the woman with perfect legs floats by in shorts or a short skirt, while I sweat it out in what I had previously thought was a weather-appropriate, yet suitably covering outift, but now looks a) like it’s winter and b) like I am a fat lump.
  • Shaving your body parts to become ‘summer ready’. I love a smooth pair of pins, don’t get me wrong, but in summer you have to go into overdrive. It is hard work keeping up that level of smooth, people!
  • Insects. Spiders, wasps, bees, flies -all terrifying. All feeling as though they have a licence to come over and say how do you do. NO.
  • Hay fever. To be fair, this for me is not just a summer hazard. This is a pretty much 8 months of the year issue for me.
  • The body shaming. From around February, every single magazine going shows pictures of women in bikinis either idolising perfect but unattainable figures, or shaming perfectly normal looking women having a lovely beach holiday in peace. Come on sisters – say NO to Summer shaming!

What annoys you about Summer?


4 thoughts on “Summer Hatin’

  1. Yep I hear this! Summer is just gross. Makes you red and sweaty and look fat . As for the teacher thing , I am guilty of raiding eye brows and saying things like ” oh you are so lucky , you get all those holidays!”. Sorry bout that .

    • It is horrible in summer when you’re supposed to be enjoying the heat but you actually hate it! No-one is sympathetic! Hmm check back tomorrow as I am writing a post on the teachers’ strike – hopefully it’ll make you think differently about our holidays! X

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