Summer Lovin’

Although the weather hasn’t quite been as gorgeous as it was last week, I thought I’d take the chance to list all the things I love about Summer:

  • Long, light evenings – I think these make your down-time seem so much longer!
  • Summery clothes – light, airy and in pretty colours and prints, what’s not to love?!
  • Warm days and nights – only needing to take a cardi or a light jacket when you go out is LUSH. No more struggling around with heavy coats, or the added complexity of gloves and scarves.
  • The inclination to eat more healthily – Summer always entices me more towards fresh salads and clean tasting ingredients, and away from stodgy bad food!
  • The feeling of the sun on your skin – so warming and relaxing, you can definitely see why people feel happier when it’s sunny!
  • Beautiful flowers and plants – seeing all those lovely colours instantly lifts you
  • Driving in the sun – I’ve been driving around where Pedro and I are moving recently, and have loved the sight of all the trees on a sunny evening
  • Cold drinks – drinking ice-cold drinks with ice cubes and fruit granishes on a hot day – bliss!
  • Seeing friends – everyone seems more willing to be out and about during the day in summer, always nice to go for a walk or a picnic!
  • Barbeques – a brilliant excuse to eat, drink and socialise. I love that it doesn’t even really have to be sunny to have one…
  • Holidays – nothing is more exciting about summer then the prospect of a long, lazy summer holiday to really rest and recharge!

What’re your favourite things about Summer?


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