Falling Asleep

I don’t know about you, but I sometimes find it difficult to fall asleep at night. It’s not because I’m not tired enough – believe me I am! This is proven by the number of times I fall asleep on the sofa watching TV or a film (I have rarely made it through any films with Pedro wide awake – soz Pedro. It’s not a comment on the films you choose, as often it’s also for films I choose!). It’s just when I get into bed.

Perhaps this is because I am very particular. I need the room to be nice and cool (having a window slightly open all year-round is something I feel may drive Pedro mad when we move in together!) I need the WHOLE duvet wrapped around me (this angers Pedro greatly, who often wakes me up in the middle of the night as he tugs the duvet back off me – this often has limited effect as I have it so wrapped under and around me it’s very difficult to do – what can I say, I am very determined!) I also need an exact pillow height and texture. When I stay at Pedro’s his pillows are too low. I don’t enjoy this at all. I need toweringly high yet soft and squashy pillows that I can bury my head in. I am quite strict on the type of nightwear I need to be comfy – long, soft pyjama bottoms and a vest top. This provides warmth, coolth (should be a word) and comfort all at the same time.

The thing I need to sleep that I think will cause the most issue between Pedro and I is my tablet. No matter how tired I am, or how near sleep I have been prior to actually turning off the light and getting settled, I HAVE to watch something on my tablet to help me drift off. The requirements for what it is are very specific. It needs to be interesting enough that I want to watch it  (so no snooker or finance programmes) but dull enough not to grab my attention so that I can sleep. A perfect example of this is New Tricks. An episode of that can last me a whole week of getting to sleep. However, this can obviously be disturbing for your bed partner if they have no need of such things to go to sleep, but prefer absolute quiet. I have compromised on this by wearing headphones (good of me I know), but I do think that the light from my tablet may disturb Pedro.

If I’m honest, it’s not just that I watch things on the tablet to go to sleep, it’s probably also that the tablet is a brand that Pedro, as a computer programmer, is fundamentally against – I shall call it Banana. Pedro is against all Banana products, arguing that just because it looks nice does not make it value for money for the software you are paying for. My only response to this tirade is to blink, then say ‘But it’s so PRETTY!’

How do you think Pedro and I should solve our falling asleep issues?


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