The DVD Collection

DVD Collection


That is my DVD collection. Ok, ok, some of it (about 8 DVDs) is Housemate’s. As I start to pack for moving in with Pedro (by start I mean I’ve started thinking about it…) I have realised that my DVD collection is obscene.

My DVD collection started in University. As a music student I didn’t have very many hours of lectures per week, and although I spent a few hours every day practising my instrument (not a euphemism) or rehearsing with others, it didn’t exactly fill up my time. (Sometimes I think back to those days with a sense of longing, especially this week when I worked several 13 hours days with barely time to go for a wee.) So I spent many an afternoon wandering round York TOWN centre (York will NEVER be referred to as a city by me) window shopping. This was between 6 and 9 years ago (argh I’m so old!), back in the heyday when HMV was still popular. I know you probably think you’re being funny, but it wasn’t back in the dark ages. Facebook was just becoming popular, laptops were big bulky heavy things, and a flip-open mobile phone that could store over 100 texts was the height of sophistication. Anyhoo, HMV used to store hundreds and hundreds of DVDs for only £3. AMAZING for a student who needed to buy something in their meanderings round town that would help occupy them for a couple of hours when they got home but couldn’t afford to get something good.  I think students even got 10% off too, so I bought many a DVD for only £2.70 – bargain.

Over my 3 years of uni this collection built. I also added to it more expensive DVD series and collections that I asked for for birthdays and Christmas. About a year ago I did a cull. I packaged a load of them off to send to a certain website that offers to buy your old DVDs and CDs – lets call it It took me HOURS to input every single bar code into their website. I put over 100 DVDs and CDs in there. My grand total? £25.

The makeup of my DVD collection is very specific. I have an aversion to horror films (even watching Jonathan Creek in the daylight makes me nervous and jumpy for the rest of the day) so there are none of those. I enjoy action/thriller/adventure films, so there are a smattering of those (think Independence day etc). Being a music teacher and an MD for musical theatre I have a fair amount of musicals (West Side Story/Chicago and so on). Being a hilarious (in my opinion at least!) woman I have a good amount of comedies – particularly an old, ill-known Bill Murray classic ‘What About Bob’. Watch it, it is BRILLIANT. Also Gavin and Stacey, which recently gave me an immense sense of pride when I found out Pedro was watching it, unprompted after I introduced him to it early on in our relationship. Being a girly girl who last summer embarked on a summer of love in an attempt to find my soul mate, I have MILLIONS of rom-coms. Not even just good ones, I have some terrible (but well-loved) ones.

Pedro’s DVD collection is very different. Roughly a third of the size of mine, his involves mainly sci-fi and fantasy (think Battlestar Galactica, or as I call it, Boob-lestar Galactica due to the number of breasts displayed each episode. To be fair, I don’t think I was its target audience. Equally you could say the same of Game of Boobs – sorry, I mean Game of Thrones) and war films, with some silly slapstick comedies thrown in (‘Allo ‘Allo, Bottom etc).

So as it comes to time for Pedro and I to combine our DVD collections, I felt I needed advice. Between us we covered a wide spectrum of  genres, with very little overlap. Between us, and yes, mostly because of me, we have a ridiculous number of films, many of which neither of us would be interested in watching together. I asked a few couples what they did, and my friend James revealed that when he moved in with Claire (now his wife) they sold off any duplicates (not going to be an issue for Pedro and I), alphabetised their entire collection (YES – the worryingly OCD part of me LOVES this) and then binned all the films that James referred to as ‘rubbish’. On further investigation, this turned out to be all of Claire’s rom-coms. Unacceptable.

When I actually start packing, instead of just thinking about it, I’ll need to make a decision – which films to keep, and which films to go?

How would you make this monumental decision?



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