Introducing Freddie!

This cheeky chappy is Freddie. Not strictly my puppy, but my parents who live not too far away from where Pedro and I will be moving…

I see an opportunity here for lots of lovely walks in the sun and in the two parks nearby with the very cute, very friendly Freddie!

We chose him a couple of weeks ago from a very reputable spaniel breeder. There was a whole host of beautiful puppies, and all Freddie’s brothers were a gorgeous bunch of boys.

When we first went over to greet the puppies, Freddie and his mum were the first to come bounding over to see who we were, and loved being stroked and fussed. We knew straight away that sociable Freddie was the one for us! We made the agonising decision to wait two weeks for him, to allow him to stay with his mum for a bit longer and grow, and also to make sure that my dad (who has just retired) would be able to be in the house with him all day everyday for his first few weeks.

Freddie was instantly confidently strutting round the house – he does has a lovely puppy cage in the dining room with a comfy basket, but his favourite place is sat inside his massive IKEA bag (other Scandinavian furniture shops are available). He has been very good so far, and after having a few accidents is now getting very good at knowing when he needs to go outside to do his business.
He is eating well, and loves a big cuddle. He is clearly going to be one of those big soppy dogs who jump up on your knee and give you a doggy kiss.
My parents have never had a dog before, but have always had cats. Their two days, Minnie and Tilly are DISGUSTED with Freddie being their new baby brother. Tilly can barely look at him and Minnie won’t even enter the house at the moment until you lure her in with food – a grumpy pair! We’re hoping they get used to him soon…
Finally here is a picture of Freddie doing what he loves best – lying on his back so you can tickle his tummy!

What do you think – a heartbreaker when he’s older?


5 thoughts on “Introducing Freddie!

  1. Awwww… that is one soppy pup! Love it! And I can so see the cats disgusted at his overt friendliness. Cats… gotta love their attitude! As for Freddie, enjioy being a doting auntie!
    Food? Cat: “Meh” Dog: AWESOME!
    Play? Cat: “Meh” Dog: AWESOME!
    Affection? Cat: “Meh” Dog: AWESOME!
    Grooming? Cat: “Hairball.” Dog: AWESOME!

  2. Aaah, he’s gorgeous! Our cat wouldn’t voluntarily come in the house for a while after we got a dog, but she’s a bit happier now she’s realised that they are utterly TERRIFIED of her. Now she enjoys lording it up over them and standing in the way of stuff they want πŸ˜‰

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