Happy List!

So many things to be happy about this week – and I can’t wait to share them with you!

1. This first one has to be getting confirmation on where Pedro and I will be living together for the first time (argh!). A gorgeous house in an amazing location – not our first choice, but as Pedro and I have since discussed, that was a blessing in disguise! All my lovely commenters were right – everything happens for a reason.

2. Booking to go to Blogfest 2014 with my friend Emma of channelislands blog fame – our first time at a big blogging event and we are very excited! Hoping to meet lots of blog friends and find out how to improve our posts – and also perhaps to take advantage of the drinks reception…

3. Having my blog featured by @UKBloggers1 as their blog of the day this Saturday – very much appreciated, and I had loads of new commenters and followers as a result.

4. Seeing Pedro after a couple of really hard days at work – soppy I know, but seeing him made me feel so much better after a stressful 48 hours. It just reinforces how much I’m looking forward to actually living with him and being able to spend time with him every evening.

5. Dinner out with my friend Cat – we went for a great meal at Pizza Express, drank a bottle of prosecco then went home and promptly went to sleep – we are so cool.

6. Fantastic confirmation that I will be MD-ing (conducting) Bingley Amateur’s production of The Pyjama Game! It will be really nice to meet lots of new people in this society.

7. Getting through the Day of Doom (where we put all the new year 7s coming to my school into form groups). This is tough because we have to take into account all sorts of info and the result becomes incredibly complicated! I imagine it’s like planning a wedding guest seating plan (don’t worry Pedro I’m not hinting…) The support of my rather fabulous colleagues got me through! (Also diet coke)

8. Finishing writing an article to promote my very talented friends James and Rob’s new musical – a few tweaks to be made, but I’m pleased with the result! Will let you know when it appears!

9. Starting the scary job of sorting things out for the move without encountering any spiders – see my post from yesterday on packing here.

10. Finding out that my parents are getting a puppy this week! Cannot wait to meet him and get to know him! (photos to follow soon!)

What has made you happy this week?


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