The Biscuit Tin

When Pedro and I went for our celebratory Chinese the other night, I realised I have a gift. It isn’t a gift that could help save lives, but I honestly believe it could enrich yours. I have a gift for relating foodstuffs to people.

This isn’t news, I’m sure. My post Cheesebook revealed this gift to the world (and made me want to eat cheese). However when explaining to Pedro that he is like shredded duck soup (warm and hearty, with depth of flavour, and not common like chicken would be – rare and unusual, hence the duck), it came to me. Sure, I won’t save lives with my ability. But maybe, just maybe it will get more people to think of people’s personalities and compare them to food – a wondrous conversation topic (you’re welcome). It could also help you find the one you love in a speed dating situation (it happens). Just so you know, Pedro said I was like sizzling beef. It transpired this was not because I’m hot – but because I’m loud.

So below you will find the biscuit tin – if you were a biscuit, what biscuit would you be?

The Digestive

foodsofengland hillsdigestives



A classic. Both sweet and down to earth, this person is steadfast and loyal. Always someone you can come back to, time and time again. Perhaps there are more lively, outgoing people, but a digestive is a good friend.

The Shortbread




You know the kind of person – so lovely to be around, always saying nice things to you, and great when you see them. However, they can be flaky, and agree to show up on a night out but back at the last minute.

The Chocolate Hobnob




A tough cookie (see what I did there?!) Strong and resilient (dunk me! dunk me again!), wholesome and sweet. A best friend (in biscuit form). Exciting and stable – the best of both worlds.

The Custard Cream

custard cream



A practical but kind friend. Not the most stylish, but sweet, good natured, and a solid presence.

The Jammy Dodger




Cheeky, chatty and loud. Unashamedly dirty minded and always ready with a rude innuendo and chuckle. A cheeky chappy/chappette – who probably thinks they’re funnier then they are…(I’m clearly a jammy dodger)

The Pink Wafer

Pink wafers



Lots of fun, outrageous in their style, and brilliant for a fun night out. But unfortunately with no substance to back it up. A fair-weather friend.

The Bourbon




Serious and sophisticated. Quite a lot of us wish we were more like the bourbon – effortlessly stylish and grown up. I’m far too silly to be friends with a bourbon – but I admire them from afar.


Go on – what biscuit are you?!


7 thoughts on “The Biscuit Tin

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    Oooooh I love a good biscuit! Hmmmm I will ponder on this deep post, and try work out what is my spiritual biscuit!

  2. Gahaha! Cute postie, girl! I am, without a shred of a doubt, THE JAMMY DODGER. Add to that the fact that I somehow always l and on my feet in the face of some pretty awful odds, and the cookie fits even better. Plus, I love the bright red love heart on the top… just like me, I wear it on the outside!

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