Luxury Items

So now that we have a house (HOME – I must start referring to it as HOME) Pedro have I have had a reality hit.

We are moving house in just a couple of weeks – eek!

I’ll admit – I had a mini meltdown the other day. Work at the moment is absolutely crazy – the busiest time of the year for me with new year 6 students coming in to start the transition to secondary school – I have been run off my feet! Technology failed me massively and I somehow managed to mess up a spreadsheet (curse you excel!) and lose all the information I had inputted which had taken hours. After re-inputting it, you’ll never guess what?! YES. I did it AGAIN. With the help of a lovely ICT technician (aka my hero) and some rather lovely work colleagues who supplied chocolate and diet coke we managed to sort it – but not before I nearly vommed out of stress.

Add this to the very sudden realisation that there is so much to do in order to move house!

Not only is there the whole packing situation to look forward to, (I have boxes of stuff from when I last moved – 2 years ago – that I haven’t even opened since then. After a cursory look through I think I’m just going to bin it. I also have an entire massive cupboard in the spare room FULL of junk. By full, I mean if you open the door just a crack ALL OF MY LIFE will fall on you and you will be buried under a huge pile of christmas decorations, clothes bagged up to take to charity shops, 2 years worth of paperwork and bank statements and other miscellaneous un-named items. Don’t worry – I have claimed this weekend as a life-sorting out weekend to start being ruthless and chucking everything.) but there is also the whole admin situation when you move house. The people you have to inform. The being on hold for half an hour to change the name on things like the water bill. Urgh. These thoughts have been ticking away in the back of Pedro and my minds underneath all the work stuff. No wonder we were feeling a bit frazzled.

The other day, for the first time since we had our house (HOME! I meant HOME!) confirmed, I saw Pedro. We had both had a difficult couple of days, and when we saw each other I think we both became very aware of why we are putting ourselves through this – to be together, and be able to see each other at the end of a tough day.

Over a celebratory Chinese (had to be done!) we started discussing what we wanted to buy for the house (HOME!) first. Between us we think we have all the necessary furniture so wouldn’t need anything right away – better versions of what we have can be saved up for over time. So instead we started to think about what luxury items we would first buy:

My luxury items

1. Outdoor fairy lights – YES. I want my garden to look pretty at  night! We have a decked area to sit out on on an evening and I can just see us sat with a glass of something alcoholic enjoying the relaxed time, and the pretty lights! (I’m such a girl).

2. A BBQ. Not just those rubbish tray ones – a GREAT one. Housewarming/summer evenings eating in the garden – sitting out on an evening with a glass of something alchoholic…wait that sounds familiar…

Pedro’s luxury item

1. A fire pit – this is (I believe) a small metal cannister that you light a fire in so it’s safe but you can still enjoy the flicker of the flames when sitting out on an evening with a glass of…you see where this is going!

You can see our thinking – sitting together on a nice summer’s evening enjoying each others’ company, an alcoholic beverage, and appreciating being in our HOME.

What would your luxury item be? Or what was your first luxury item when you first moved into your home?


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