And the results are in…

This morning I was poised by the phone to call the letting agent of Dream House number 1. Bang on 9am I called up and got straight through. Unfortunately I was told that our number one choice had already been let. Not only gutting, but also embarrassing as I had already sent the letting agent a little supporting letter to forward to the landlord to persuade them to choose us…It was written much in the style of these blog posts, and was entitled ‘Meet Lucy, Pedro and Whiskeroo!’ The sympathetic way in which the letting agent spoke to me made it clear that she’d not only read the story, but had potentially read it out to the entire office…

Ringing Pedro to let him know we hadn’t got our first choice was very sad – I felt bad as I knew how excited he’d been over the garden of choice number 1. But he was very sensible and gave me a pep talk to go for house number 2 – and this one we were successful with!

I must admit it hasn’t quite sunk in yet – I will be living with a boy! In a really nice house!

So finally I can start blogging about actually moving in with a boy rather than cheese…Scary stuff!

Now we just have the difficult process of sorting out all our things, and chucking out those boxes of ‘stuff’ under the bed that I still haven’t unpacked from when I moved in to my current flat two years ago (I know I know – I’m rubbish!)

Breaking it to Housemate was tough – she really is the best housemate ever and I will miss her lots and lots! I’m not sure that Pedro will be quite as able to let me steal deodorant, toilet roll and orange squash, nor will he debate the ins and outs of current events such as the recent happenings on Made In Chelsea with quite as much passion with me. However I am very excited that Pedro and I are about to start the next chapter of our lives…(Yes – that last sentence was the stuff our letter for House number 1 was made of – you can see why I was so embarrassed…)

Now I just need tips on moving house!


4 thoughts on “And the results are in…

  1. Nick Boyle says:

    As advised, I’m back… and yayyy!!! You got a place 🙂

    Congratulations to you both – I hope the move goes well! Looking forward to reading posts about it all 🙂 xx

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