Viewings: The Verdict

So yesterday, after almost a month of internet searches, phone calls, exasperation and anticipation, was V-Day: Viewings Day.

I was so excited. I put my hair up in a bun (aka bitch hair) in order to seem professional, inscrutable and down right mean if I needed to (I was damned if any letting agent was going to take advantage of frizzy, friendly Lucy). I had my clipboard of POWER (organising 6 viewings with 5 different letting agents all in the same day was a logistical nightmare – and I needed a spreadsheet of marvel to keep the timings appropriate and the properties straight in our heads). Pedro poo-pooed my clipboard – but several of the letting agents commented on how efficient I was (perhaps in a scathing way – I didn’t notice) – I took this as a win.

I started the morning by running out of my flat to meet Pedro – I was super hyper and talking veryveryfastnonstopforthefirstcoupleofhoursdrivingpoorPedroinsane. We went to MacDonalds for breakfast and a quick talk through the plans for the day – then to the first viewing.

Dire. I mean, DIRE. We didn’t start well by over-hearing the person viewing before us discussing the first property and one we were due to see later in the day – awkward. Then we looked round – unfortunately small, poky and very very dated. Less than 5 minutes later we came out, with nothing more than ‘NO’ marked in my notes column on the clipboard of power. We sat in the car, and I’ll admit I felt very low. Almost a months worth of research, work and booking viewings for this?! Pedro was amazing, and pep-talked me into boosting my motivation to continue with an open mind.

The second viewing – really very nice! A quiet cul-de-sac in the area we’d preferred with lovely modern interior, pretty decking out the back and a small lawn. We knew it was a go when we started discussing where we would put things and how we would use the rooms. The agent showing us round was professional, and seemed to know her stuff – after the agents I’d been dealing with over the phone for the last few weeks, I was impressed. We liked it a lot – but were still looking for a ‘wow’. A solid second choice.

Third viewing – busy road, not ideal for Whiskeroo! Also very dated and very expensive. A solid ‘no’. (I’d written ‘kitchen – URGH’ on the clipboard of power. Says it all.) Also our agent this time was about 3 years old (ok ok maybe 19) and even Pedro (who never notices these things) remarked she was perhaps a bit overdressed for the occasion.

Fourth viewing – aka THE ONE. Stunning. I mean, stunning. So much space. The garden – I cannot even begin. A decked area out the back of the conservatory (A CONSERVATORY) looking out over a MASSIVE lawned area with space for a veggie patch! THINK OF THE BBQS! I had images of outdoor LED lights draped over the decking like lovely fairy lights…Inside was so light and big. This is the one we want – but – spanner in the works – so do many other people. We’ll apply on Monday and wait and see…I’m scared to even think about it as I know that I’ll get too attached and be so disappointed if we don’t get it.

After this, I was tempted not to bother with the next two viewings. We had a short amount of time to kill, and Pedro took me for a quick cold drink, very much needed wee and sit down in a nearby pub. Once again he gave me a pep-talk to keep me going, and put across how sensible it would be to check out more properties in case we couldn’t get our first two choices. Great guy.

Viewing five – an unusual house – not that nice a back garden, and a massive surplus of huge rooms that we weren’t sure how to fill! Tempting though…a possible third choice. Viewing six – perfectly nice. Nothing wrong with it. Just not for us. Viewing 5 and 6 were the same woman – I liked her a lot. Loud, confident, and in a VERY short skirt (I made sure I was first behind her to go up stairs!) she was no-nonsense and matter of fact.

So all in all a great day – now leaving us with the tough situation of desperately wanting a house we know we will struggle to get – and the debate of how long we wait for a reply on that house before going for our second choice. I have the fear – what if we lose both?! What would you do?!

Still, with these things what will be will be – and my friend Emily at the end of the day reminded me of the true reason we had been looking for a house – to be together:



4 thoughts on “Viewings: The Verdict

  1. Sounds exciting 🙂 I hope you get the house you have (‘definitely not’) fallen in love with! It is heartbreaking losing out on a house you really like – we recently lost out on one at sealed bids stage. However… remember that something better will always come along – something you love equally if not more 🙂 So fear not… you’ll get the house you love!

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