Pet Peeves

Today has been a bit of a ranty day – soz (not soz – soz). I’m currently lying with my feet up on Pedro’s sofa while he makes us a delicious tea (I know I know – he’s a lucky man) and reflecting on my day.

Here are a few things that have annoyed me recently:
People who give advice
This is not aimed at amazing friends who give brilliant advice and support in times of great need. This means the people who give you unwanted and unsolicited advice. For example, when I told some people I was planning on moving in with Pedro, one ‘friend’ said:

Don’t you think it’s a bit soon? You’ll only have been together for not quite a year. MY boyfriend and I moved in together after a year and WE think it worked well that way.

Bully for you lady! It may be a bit of a shocker but Pedro and I are not you and your boyfriend and we felt ready to move in together a bit earlier than you did. Neither of us is right or wrong (I’m a bit more right if we are making a judgement) and (shocker) we are different people and different couples. Surely you can see by giving your ‘advice’ you are not giving advice at all, but you are a) showing off how great and wise you are in all things relationship and b) making other people in the vicinity doubt my decision. Boo. So yes, people who give advice which is not actually advice when not consulted directly are a big no-no.

I cannot stand a lack of manners. So unacceptable! The main time this annoys me is during my various jobs over the years. For example, saying please and thank you when people do things for you – it doesn’t matter whether it is their job or not! Manners cost nothing and appreciating people for what they do is always a good thing. More appreciation in the world! Say thank you! Start a MANNERS REVOLUTION! (In the background I can hear ‘do you hear the people sing’ playing)

Mean People AND people who use social media in a passive-aggressive way to make a point
We all dislike mean people. Perhaps they have betrayed a confidence, or always make a barbed comment to knock you, or never see the good in what you do. These people are universally disliked/feared by us all. I don’t think I need to bang on about that here. My pet peeve here is when people use Facebook or twitter to make a thinly disguised comment against someone. Eg ‘don’t you hate it when your friends betray you’. Of course we have all been tempted to do this/have done this at least once. Don’t get me wrong – the gossip and story behind this would probably more than pique my interest. However, when you read the comments under this status (under a pretext of concern, but actually to find out more) you will see that the original poster will reply to the first ‘aw babe what’s up?’ comment with the ever cryptic and disappointing ‘I’ll message you’. I am all for using social media to show your annoyance at someone – but at least go for it and name and shame in detail! (Disclaimer: do not actually name and shame on Facebook. Take the moral high ground – it always feels better in the long run!)

So those are my pet peeves for now – yes I have gone against my positive ethos of my blog. But now and again everyone just needs a good old rant!

What are your pet peeves?


11 thoughts on “Pet Peeves

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    My pet peeve is when you are sitting in a room or with a group of people and two people start whispering behind their hands-RUDE!

  2. TheCatssMeoww says:

    I’m sorry that your friend was not supportive of your decision to move out. I’m happy for you, that’s so exciting. Comparable to starting a new chapter in your life. I feel like on blog sites I give my opinions which might seem like advice but I don’t really care if people take it or not.

    I’m pretty sure my biggest pet peeve is people that think they know my feelings better than I do. They tell me how I’m feeling and don’t listen to how I’m actually feeling. Does that make any sense?

    • Yes it does make perfect sense – I hate when people make assumptions about how you must be feeling. I find they’re usually based on how they would react and feel in that situation – is this what you’ve found too? X

      • TheCatssMeoww says:

        Yes! It’s like there are so many other factors in my life that they aren’t considering.

  3. Preach!!!! I’ve had so many people offer their own opinions on mine and Andy’s relationship. “you’re moving too fast” “isn’t it a bit soon to be talking about marriage” “shouldn’t you be looking for jobs further afield not just near him”. Oh I’m sorry, I don’t actually remember asking your opinion AND it’s nothing to do with you. K. Thanks. Bye.



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