My Week in Numbers

I’ve stolen both cider with rosie‘s and channel islands blog‘s idea of posting with numbers – I loved their posts and fancied a go myself!

So here is my week (past, current and present – I’ve been a bit cheeky soz!) in numbers…

6: The number of shows of Seussical I conducted with LIDOS last week – amazing! Some serious after-show blues kicking in

3: number of diet cokes I have drunk today – my absolute favourite drink and pick me up!

0: the number of cups of tea I drank per week before Pedro
4: the average number of cups of tea I drink per week now!

30: the number of primary schools I will have visited on transition visits by the end of this week

5: the number of houses I currently have lined up for Pedro and I to view as our first potential home this weekend!

1 million (to the nearest million): the number of times I have laughed at Alex saying ‘aaaaapricotsssssss’.

1: the number of times laughing at the thought of the above kept me awake at night

103: the number of texts I have sent Pedro in the last week (eek – maybe I have a problem….)

3: the number of beers I drank before I felt very drunk at the after show party for seussical…I had to sit down

2: the number of helpful snacks amazing Housemate left me to keep me going!

150: the number of minutes I’ve spent on the phone and on the Internet house hunting this week

150: also the number of minutes spent watching celebrity masterchef…

27: the number of times I’ve thought about New York this week

8: the number of weeks til I visit my very good blogging friend Emma in Jersey yay!

What’s your week in numbers looked like?


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