Lovely To Live With

This weekend I asked Pedro what he was most looking forward to about moving in with me.

I won’t lie – I was fishing for compliments. Big style. I was expecting gushing references to how great it will be to see me every single day, wake up next to me in the morning and spend more time with me on an evening.

I waited expectantly.

Pedro answered ‘Having someone else to help do all the chores like washing up, cleaning and cooking.’

Really. REALLY?! I mean, obviously this is a bonus, and something I would probably put in my top 3 things I’m looking forward to, if I’m really honest (Ok top 2) – but really?! The thing he is MOST looking forward to about living with me?

So I decided to compile a list of the things that make me a great housemate:

  • I am tidy. Some would say too tidy – but I do like things to look nice and be in their place. I rarely leave things out after I’ve used them (and if I do they are always placed in a way that makes them pleasing to the eye and means they are lined up with the edge of the table)
  • I can cook a few things really well – ok so in previous posts I have revealed (in eye-watering detail) the extent of mine and Housemate’s laziness in cooking, but I can actually make some tasty, nutritious, and above all EDIBLE meals (I just can’t be bothered)
  • I remember details about my Housemate’s life to ask interesting and pertinent questions about their day
  • I am more than happy to sit and chat during TV programmes and provide hilarious and unintrusive running commentaries (particularly during cooking programmes – I know, I know – I’m quite the catch)
  • I welcome guests into our home and would provide classy snacks (chips and dips – always a winner) and start off thought provoking conversations such as ‘If you were a cheese…..’
  • I love cats and would treat Whiskeroo (Pedro’s cute stinky cat) as if he were my own and give him strokes and treats and have chats with him ALL the time
  • Although I am scared of spiders I would never kill one – favouring the cup and card method (my main motive behind not killing spiders is that I’m terrified their mates will find out and come back to seek vengeance)
  • I regularly do my dirty washing and don’t let it pile up massively (see ‘tidy’ above)
  • I’m good at getting food out of the kitchen sink plughole

You have to admit – the above is impressive. When I pointed all of this out to Pedro he laughed, and admitted he had only been winding me up. Not impressed.

What makes you a good housemate?


One thought on “Lovely To Live With

  1. Well, first and foremost, I killed and dressed my first ever chicken today. (Hubby is so squeamish!) So that’s a big bonus guys totally dig, right? Plus I know the proper way to put loo paper on (paper O V E R, never under!), so that’s 2 skills. What more could a man want? We’ve been married 29 years now. Amazing how far proper TP etiquette will get you. Well, that and my chicken killing skills…

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