Pulling a Sickie

I’m sure all of us have been tempted at some point to pull a sickie. To ring up work and do the classic croaky voicemail: ‘I can’t come in today *coughcough* I’m really not well *coughingfit*’. But for obvious reasons, no-one would ever admit it. In honour of this I have collected some anonymous ‘sickie’ horror stories to share with you all:

The Twisted Ankle

Recently a friend of mine rang up work to say she couldn’t come in as she had twisted her ankle, and was therefore unable to drive. When asked if her partner could bring her in, she said she would still struggle to get around work as it was really bad. Her boss asked her to come in anyway on the proviso that she wouldn’t have to move around much – so my friend had to go in and fake a limp ALL DAY. I love the idea of her having to wince with each step and take her time getting to places for authenticity of the lie…

The Stomach Bug

Someone I know once rang in sick with a classic stomach bug reason – you know the sort – ‘Oh I can’t move far from the sick bowl/toilet all day – maybe it’s food poisoning’ excuse. An oldie but a goodie. He was then spotted at a local cafe by an eagle-eyed part time colleague of his scoffing a full English. Busted.

The Social Media Error

Facebook and twitter are the worst bed-fellows of the rookie sickie-puller. Someone I worked with many years ago in a summer holiday style job pulled a sickie in order to go to a theme park with their friends. Not only did she ‘check in’ to the location, she also posted status updates ALL DAY and was tagged in several photos. Our boss was her friend on facebook. It didn’t end well.

That also tripped up a past colleague of mine who wanted to go on holiday a day early and had booked her flights a day earlier than she was allowed. She checked in at the airport and put numerous references to the flight and holiday all over social media. Error.

So I suppose the moral of this tale is not to pull a sickie – unless you are 100% certain you will not get caught….

Do you have any cautionary tales of pulling a sickie?




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