Happy List

Wow what a week it’s been! To select only 10 things that have made me happy is going to be a struggle, but here goes:

1. Seussical the Musical – the show I have been conducting all week. It has meant 15 hour long days, it has meant very little sleep or rest, it has meant being unconfortably hot and sweaty, it has meant intense concentration, and it has meant sore arms and shoulders. It has meant seeing good friends every single evening, it has meant amazing music, it has meant enormous pride in every single cast member, it has meant getting to know new friends better, it has meant huge smiles, and it has meant satisfaction and pride in myself. It has been one of the best shows I have ever worked on, and after the last show is done I will miss it, my glorious band, and the fantastic society LIDOS so so much.

2. Seeing Pedro after having a whole week apart. Pedro was away last weekend for several days in Holland which meant I couldn’t contact him, and then being busy with Seussical meant it had been a whole week apart (I know – not a relatively long time at all but it was during a difficult week). He drove all the way over to mine at 10pm at night after a show just to see me for about half an hour before I fell asleep! Very good.

3. Housemate being amazing. Housemate is a LEGEND. She has provided me with snacks this week despite not seeing me at all and even put my washing out for me yesterday so I didn’t have to do it when I get in at silly o’clock at night. Pedro has a lot to live up to…

4. People at work being amazing. So many colleagues have been wishing me luck with my show this week and asking after it. One has even come to see it and got me gorgeous flowers on the opening night to wish me luck. I really am fortunate to have such an amazing bunch!

5. Sitting outside at 10pm at night. After each show I’m too excited to just go home and go straight to bed, so I’ve been going for a drink with the band and members of the cast and crew. Being so warm backstage we have loved sitting outside to cool off – and it’s still been light and relatively warm! Lush.

6. Being observed. As a teacher, being observed is the WORST. I get an embarassment flush all up my neck and chest which is mega attractive. And I start to flap and get panicky. So when I heard I was being observed this week (of all weeks!) when I was sleep deprived, exhausted, and had very little free time I did despair. However it all went really well, and I couldn’t have been more pleased (I’m not going to put what I got as I’m never sure how comfortable I am with doing that – seems a bit like showing off!)

7. Laughing so much it hurts. A very good friend of mine Alex has been making me laugh this week. My rehearsal pianist and Keys 1 player for Seussical, he is absolutely hilarious. Alan Bennett monologue style hilarious. He has made me laugh a lot this week. If I was being cynical I would say it is possibly because I have been very tired this week and that’s why I’ve found him so funny…and I wouldn’t want him to think he is funny so sometimes I keep a straight face when he tells a great joke then I go somewhere else and laugh so hard it hurts my face. (Sorry Alex!)

8. Diet coke. My saviour. Cold cans in the fridge have kept me going this week. Enough said.

9. At times not being too hot. Sometimes this week I have been cool and not flustered or hot or sewaty. It was bliss. Conducting is a tiring business, particularly if you enjoy a lot of vigorous arm movements and smiling (I do!) Backstage where the band has been kept has been so hot – I have not enjoyed being overly warm at all times! Also with the sunny weather getting into my car to drive to the theatre after work has been horrible – so when I have actually been temperate I have loved it.

10. Managing to post every day. Despite this crazy week of mine I have tried to be organised and post every day, even if the posts haven’t always been as long as usual. This has made me happy as it means that I have still read and commented on some great posts this week and been lucky enough to have the favour returned by some amazing bloggers. Share the blog love everyone!

What has made you happy this week?


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