The Moral Compass

I had a really interesting discussion this week with a new friend about ‘the moral compass’.

We had only just met, but pretty quickly started to get down to the nitty gritty of our lives with conversation on a variety of topics (some far too rude to mention here!) One of the first things she announced to me was ‘I have no moral compass’.

To me, a moral compass is that little voice in your ear (not in a creepy way) that whispers and makes you feel bad when you think about doing something wrong. It flags up when you’re about to do something a bit…off. It sends off klazons and big red lights when something wrong has been done to you or a friend.

This discussion got us to¬†considering what the worst thing we’ve ever done is. We found this difficult (guilty consciences?) – instead we found it much easier to talk about what the worst thing that’s ever been done to us is.

Perhaps typically for a group of (ahem!) twenty-something women a lot of them involved men cheating on us in some way, or friends betraying us (not always with men, but sometimes).

Once again this made me feel extremely happy to have found Pedro. Pedro has a very strong sense of justice. Recently I’ve had a couple of betrayals and telling Pedro about them made him very angry on my behalf (lovely boyfriend). We agree on a lot of things morally – treat people nicely, don’t screw people over, cheating is a no no etc. All very good.

Anyway back to the moral compass. Some of the dilemmas we discussed involved boyfriends cheating on their girlfriends, and the way that the girlfriend would always be more angry at ‘the other woman’ than their boyfriend. (Or at least blame them more!)

What do you think about this situation? Where would your moral compass point you? And come on – what is the worst thing you’ve ever done?


One thought on “The Moral Compass

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    You didn’t actually tell us what the worse thing you have done is……

    I had a friend who I thought I was a very good friend but she told me that people were saying things about me. She then started doing weird things like dressing like me…(why you want to dress like me I don’t know!) She then tried to seduce Mr C!! It then all came out, she had been trying to turn people against me and alienate me. Eeeeks. Very Fatal Attraction. Obviously I blame Mr C for all of this – ha ha!

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