As you may know, I have a love of questions such as ‘if you were a cheese, what cheese would you be?’ (Some people regard them as annoying questions, but I can assure you the vast majority of people find them fascinating, ingenious conversation starters). I have the ability to assign different personality traits to food, animals, and even types of precipitation (don’t ask). So please find below various cheese personality profiles, my ‘Cheesebook’ if you will.


Ah, good old cheddar. A classic. This person could be considered boring by some, but is the kind of person who could get along with anyone. They are timeless, good natured,  and willing to help when needed.

Roule/Boursin (basically the same cheese right?)

Slightly sophisticated, this person is a smooth customer. They are softly spoken, but underneath have a punchy personality. They are the sort of person who leaves a lingering impression, although at first they seem mild. They make amazing friends.


Hard. Strong. Silent. Parmesan is an unapologetic hero. They are quiet, until they suddenly burst out with arrogance, and then they don’t stop! They are too much in large doses – far better in little shavings, but you have to admire their self-confidence.


Rich, amazing to be around because they make you feel great. They often have a dirty mind and a gleeful laugh. Not only fun to be around, but also loyal friends with a strong sense of justice. This often results in great nights out and in.


LOUD. Really LOUD. Strong opinions, out going personality. Not to everyone’s taste – some people feel they ram their opinions down their throats – but there are hidden depths to this person. They are extrovert, and like having people onside.

Wensleydale (with or without various dried fruit)

This person is sweet most of the time, and sometimes a little bit too truthful (salty), but unfortunately flaky. They are likely to be really sweet and say ‘Of course I’ll come to such and such’ and then bow out at the last minute. However they do always feel extremely guilty, and when they do come to an event make up for it by being so lovely.


I am an unashamed stilton – which cheese are you?!


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