Happy List – 10 things that made me happy this week

Hi all – as it’s the weekend I thought I’d reflect back on my week and write the 10 things that have made me really happy this week!

1. The weather. It has been so changeable this week – I love it! Yes, of course I whinge and moan about it – I am British. But I love it. Currently I’m writing this sat up in bed with the rain pouring outside and I feel all cosy (and am pretending I’m a proper writer!) I love how one day it’s chilly, the next it’s glorious sunshine and really warm, then it’s muggy, then it’s warm but very rainy – where else in the world has this much weather in a week?!

2. Having a fun packed lunch like a child again. OK, so my creation didn’t quite reach the standards of Emma’s amazing bento lunches for her oldest (www.channelislandsblog.wordpress.com) but for me it was a huge step forward! I had cute ham bread rolls and nice little packets of crisps, and carrot sticks and cucumber with hummus to dip – lovely!

3. Seussical rehearsals – the reason why I had packed lunches and dinners this week – amazing (and long!) rehearsals for Seussical the musical. As I write this I’m resting up preparing for a long day today – this is where we have our final band call with the cast so they can all hear how great it will sound and the band can hear how talented the cast are – my favourite bit! Today will also be the day of the tech rehearsal – where we find out for the first time how well everything will work…Eek!

4. Band call – last Sunday we had our first band call, and the band sounded AMAZING. Made me very happy (even though my arms hurt from conducting for hours on end!)

5. The people I work with – so positive. So inspiring. So hilarious! It’s easy to think no-one else  cares about your own particular work project, easy to think you will have to do all the work yourself. Then you realise that you have friends and colleagues who want to help and will give up their own time to do it. Ladies – always a pleasure.

6. The talented students I work with. This week at work we had an open exhibition, and the work on display was breath-taking. It’s easy to whinge about the bad things sometimes – so it was a nice reminder of the positives of my job.

7. Seeing Pedro. This was a long and tiring week, and Pedro is away this weekend re-enacting (I really must write that post on being a Sealed Knot widow at some point!) so we only had one chance to see each other, and Pedro came all the way over from York for me to only be awake for about an hour of it! It was so good to see him and a get a cuddle though! (Soppy bit over – sorry!)

8. New work clothes. I bought some clothes over half term in various sales and I very much enjoyed wearing them – a change is as good as a rest! I have limited work outfits as I don’t like to waste ‘good’ things on work hours, but it’s nice to make the effort sometimes!

9. My friend Jess’ Hen Do – last night was really fun, meeting some of Jess’ wonderful friends and bridesmaids who will be at the ceremony. After going through a really tough year, the worst of the worst, I’m so excited to see Jess getting married to her very lovely fiancee in August – so soon yay!

10. Friendship. This week one of my friends went through a tough time and had to made a really difficult decision, and it was really good to see all of our friends rallying round her and being supportive.

What’s made you happy this week?


5 thoughts on “Happy List – 10 things that made me happy this week

  1. I enjoyed your happy moments of the week! May next week prove just as happy. And no pretending – you ARE a real writer, dahling! Keep us updated on Seussical (your poor arms!!!)… pics maybe? 🙂 MH

    • wow thankyou for the amazing comment! Yes I cannot wait for Seussical – I’ll definitely be posting on it this week (when I find a moment!) What’s made you happy this week? xx

      • Like you, I vote for the weather! Sun, rain, humidity, more sun, BIG BOOMING THUNDER followed by a long soak, then – voila – a picture perfect sunny afternoon spent in the garden sipping Pimms with my honey, (Well, he had a beer) with my own freshly grown strawberry garnishing the glass! So maybe that is 2 things. It’s been a lovely week all round. Well, all except losing a chicken to the fox. But other than that…

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