Pedro’s Annoying Traits

Now I know I have discussed Pedro’s annoying living habits before. Leaving the toilet seat up, taking ages in the shower etc. This is something different. This is a big reveal of his personal irritating habits. The things that over time could potentially not only annoy, but cause incandescent rage. It is up to you to decide whether or not this build up of anger is justified.

Old Man Noises
Whenever Pedro gets up, or sits down he makes a sort of ‘oof’ noise. Or a groan. Or an elaborate creaking noise. He does this every single time. Sometimes he does an exaggeratedly long set of noises to indicate that the effort has been proportionally larger. Mega annoying.

Car Noises
Whenever I drive us anywhere, Pedro insists on making noises like a formula one racing car. He does it to match my acceleration, as my car is very much a boy racer car (it was what they had in at my garage at a time of great need! And it was a good deal!) Pedro thinks this is hilarious. After about five minutes of me trying to calmly ignore it (this is a classic teacher trick) I do tend to flip.

Not Being Chatty Before Bed
This may come as a surprise to you – I love a good chat just before going to sleep (me? Chat? I know – shocker) I like to chat about the day, or about random topics of conversation, for example, whether or not when humans die out a current animal will evolve into another type of intelligent life form. I know I know – fascinating. Pedro does not. He becomes very quiet when sleepy and prefers to just go straight to sleep. This is maddening – leaving me seething and awake while he nods straight off. It is particularly annoying when we are apart (most of the week) and I want a little phone chat just to say goodnight and how was your day etc just before I go to sleep. Pedro is too tired to talk (personally I will never understand how anyone could be too tired to talk).

Bad Jokes
Now don’t get me wrong – I LOVE a terrible joke. I laugh for ages at appalling ones. But Pedro loves to tell incredibly bad ones. Ones where even I am silent after. Tumbleweed style ones. He favours a rubbish pun. You know the kind – a small child goes to the hospital after swallowing some coins – the nurse looks at him and says ‘no change yet’. Just awful.

So there you have it – some of Pedro’s most annoying traits. Do I have a right to get annoyed at him? Something to keep under consideration is that last night he made me a lovely dinner….



9 thoughts on “Pedro’s Annoying Traits

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    How can you not love the car noises?! I always pretend to Nigel Mansell whilst driving round the island, the girls now join in too.

  2. OH MY GOSH!! I’m in agreement with the not chatty before bed. Andy goes one of two ways. Either he wants to chat incessantly.. and by that I mean he monologues about something and I’m too tired to care OR he likes to lie in the position he sleeps in (with his back to me) and attempt a conversation like that… like, how does he think this works? If we were sat up I’d be seething if he tried to talk with his back to me so why is it ok when we’re about to go to sleep?
    And he always falls asleep before me (this isn’t unusual I take ages to drop off) but he normally starts snoring JUST as I’m about to fall asleep and then I’m wide awake and prodding him! Last time this happened “Andy… Andy… ANDREW!” “mmm Yeaaa?” “you’re snoring” “I’m not I haven’t even slept yet” !!!!!

    Sorry, I just got a bit ranty. maybe I need to do some of these posts. Does Pedro mind you revealing his deepest darkest?

    p.s. A is actually rather wonderful…

    • Haha! Yes this is same with Pedro and I – I take ages to nod off and often have to watch something on my tablet (according to Pedro this is one of my annoying traits) whereas he drops straight off. Argh! X

  3. notsosimples says:

    So with you on having a chat before bed, I often think I’m talking to the Mr then all of a sudden he’s asleep!x

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