My Annoying Traits

After my previous post about Pedro’s annoying traits, I decided to invite the difficult conversation about what my annoying traits are. ‘Oh no, I’m not falling for that’ said Pedro. Honestly, it’s like he thinks I’m trying to trap him or something…

So here is a list of my most annoying traits according to Pedro. I definitely WASN’T cuddling him at the time to try and influence his answers…

Having to Watch my Tablet at Night to go to Sleep
I can’t seem to fall asleep without watching something on my tablet. It is so tricky to find something suitable though! It has to be interesting enough for me to want to watch it, but not so interesting that it keeps me awake. A delicate balance! An example of an ideal programme is New Tricks. Sufficiently dull to help me sleep but entertaining enough to make me want to watch it. This annoys Pedro no end. He is one of those lucky types who can drift straight off. The light from my tablet I’m sure irritates him no end! He is a lucky lucky man.

Constantly Checking my Phone
I am addicted to my phone and social media. I have to check it several times an hour – maybe a million times a day (to the nearest million). I am so social on social media (social/nosy) that it makes me anti-social when with Pedro, a real life person more than worthy of my full attention. He must get annoyed!

Asking the Waiter/Waitress for Recommendations
Whenever I go out for a meal somewhere new (or indeed somewhere old) I manage to narrow the food choices down to two – then I tend to make an on-the-spot decision when it comes to ordering. Often I ask the waiter/waitress for their recommendation (I think I do this to start a conversation up with a stranger really). More often than not I choose the opposite of their recommendation which is always slightly awkward…I have to say my friend James is much worse than me at being irritating in restaurants by starting up conversations with the servers! But I’m still pretty annoying. Soz Pedro.

Sweary Parallel Parking
I am RUBBISH at parallel parking. So so bad. I can’t work out the angles. I get frustrated, a bit sweaty, and very sweary. I have to go in and out about a million times (to the nearest million). It is annoying and probs a bit scary for Pedro.

Chatty ALL The Time
I don’t really stop talking. Ever. Except when I’m asleep. Poor Pedro tries to get to sleep last thing at night and has to face me yapping on about nothing…I just love a chat! Annoying.

So there you have it. On balance I think my annoying traits are much worse than Pedro’s – but hopefully not so annoying I’ve put him off moving in with me?!

What’s your most annoying habit?


4 thoughts on “My Annoying Traits

    • Haha – it gets to the point where we’re watching something together and I have to ask Pedro what’s happened because I’ve been so busy reading something on my phone…what does everyone else miss out on due to phone activity?!

  1. We must be related. I can’t go to sleep without watching something on my phone. Lately though I watch something I’ve watched before, turn it upside down and just listen to it. No light. Still puts me to sleep.

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