My Happy List

I’ve been inspired by a personal blog inspiration – Cider with Rosie (see her blog here) – to create a ‘happy list’. This is where, quite simply, you list all the things that make you happy!

I’m (at times) considered a cheerful person, so to create a happy list of my entire life would take forever. Instead, in honour of having been blogging for two weeks and to celebrate achieving 1500 views (woohoo!) I’ve decided to create a happy list of just ten things from the last two weeks:

1. Starting this blog has made me really happy.

It’s a creative outlet for me that isn’t music related – so nice to have a change! I’ve enjoyed writing everyday and then facing the harrowing ordeal of clicking ‘Publish’. I check my blog stats around a million times a day (to the nearest million). I am overwhelmed that people (some of whom aren’t even my friends or family!) have read my blog. Unbelievable that anyone other than me could enjoy my ramblings! A downside of blogging is that I have become slightly obsessed, and now every time someone says something remotely interesting I have to stop them to write it down as a blog idea, and I think that Pedro could soon get very tired of me stopping him from eating his meals so I can take a photo of them first…

2. Getting my nails done –

such a simple thing but has made me so happy whenever I catch sight of them! (This is quite often as I continually put my hands in front of my face purposefully to gaze at the shiny perfection of my nails). When I paint my own nails it is a mess. Nail varnish goes everywhere except where it should. I once had to lie at work when some students asked me if a child had done my nails – I said yes, my four year old niece did them (I don’t have a niece…why did I make up a niece?!) It basically looks as if I’ve dipped them in varnish then unsuccessfully rubbed off the excess. They are never even or shiny or flawless and it makes me sad. One of my ambitions is to be able to do them myself beautifully – then I feel I will be a proper woman. (Another ‘proper woman’ ambition is to be able to walk in heels).

3. Watching some great TV series on Netflix –

I have to admit I did not enjoy the most recent series of Jonathan Creek on TV. It felt like a watered down, limp version of the original. The first two series were so smart, slick and sexy – beautifully written and for its time so clever. Series three and four were also good, just not quite as watchable as the first two. Pedro did not enjoy the most recent series on TV – because it was boring. So to convince myself I was right, that Jonathan Creek was amazing in its day, I of course had to re-watch all the old series. I was right. I also have watched the first series of Orange is the New Black – a Netflix original series. I am slightly obsessed with American prison culture – I like to think I would be bad-ass if I ever ended up in prison – whereas in truth I would probably cry forever. I would definitely recommend Orange is the New Black – great characters, skilfully shot and a compelling story.

4. Sorting out a first house viewing with Pedro –

this Saturday we have our first house viewing eek! I’m sure that it will be the first of many, but I am excited to see the house where we may be living together for the first time with Whiskeroo! I’ll shush now because I’ll jinx it.

5. Lovely meals out –

I’ve been lucky this week to have some delicious meals out, one at my favourite burger place in York (see my review here) with Pedro, and one at somewhere I’ve wanted to visit for ages just for the delicious sounding meat feast, Fazenda (see my review here). Tonight I’m hoping to go to Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK for those in the know!) in Leeds – check back later for a review!


the blessed relief for all teachers. A week where you can SLEEP. A week where you can catch up on personal grooming (getting your nails done, exfoliating, shaving your legs properly etc – things you don’t have time to do when you work a 13 hour day). A week where you can catch up with your marking and planning IN YOUR PYJAMAS. Just lovely.

7. Great rehearsals with LIDOS –

there are less than two weeks til opening night of our show – Seussical the Musical! Our rehearsals recently have been great. I’ve left rehearsals on such a high, feeling really buzzed and energised (in a tired way!) I’m conducting the show, and in recent rehearsals my arm muscles have been turning into right guns! (Ok not at all, but there’s a definite firming haha). You can buy tickets here it would be amazing to have as many people as possible there!

8. Seeing Pedro and feeling so lucky –

soppy bit alert, look away if you are easily nauseated –

due to rehearsals, and Pedro being away at the weekend we haven’t been able to see very much of each other recently. I find this really hard – the reason we want to move in together is because we love being together, and we want to see each other every single day. I am very lucky to have him – he is just so great, very funny, kind, loving, clever, loyal – and I really can’t wait to be able to come home to him after a long day. (Soppy bit over now!)

9. Reading New York travel guides –

I still have an obsession with New York – I’m determined to go one day! I’ve read them cover to cover, absorbing all the things to do, reading about great places to eat and things to do. Sigh.

10. Trying out some new outfits –

I rarely buy clothes (I don’t have the time!) but I pore over magazines each week and love new things. The last couple of weeks I’ve bought a few new things, and have been re-wearing some old things in my wardrobe, so it feels like I’ve bought loads of new clothes!

So there’s my happy list for the last two weeks – what would be on yours?



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