Oscar’s in York – The Best Burger?

Oscar's front


Today Pedro and I visited a favourite haunt of ours in York – Oscar’s. We hadn’t eaten breakfast, and on the pretext of going into town to buy Pedro some shoes we decided to take on the challenge of an enormous burger feast.

Well known for its vast array of burgers, Oscar’s was busy and bustling on this rainy Tuesday lunchtime. Warm and kooky inside, Oscar’s has beautiful patterned wall paper, and varying sizes of wooden tables with chairs, tucked into quiet corners or in windows looking out onto a cobbled street with independent boutique shops featuring unique window displays. My favourite window seat was taken – this is the one that looks out onto a Mulberry outlet (I like to sit and drool over the burger AND the gorgeous handbags!)

The waitress showed us straight to our seats, and we ordered some soft drinks. Pedro had to have his first of many cups of tea (he drinks a million a day, to the nearest million). I had an energy boosting diet coke, which made me really hyper and chatty through the meal (soz Pedro). The table decorations are pretty and in keeping with the rest of the decor:

Oscar's table decorations

The menu not only features the usual selection of classic burgers – cheese, cheese and bacon etc, but also some lovely grill options, lighter sandwiches and share/starter type affairs, and a surprisingly large amount of veggie options – from various types of burger to chilli. They also have a specials board, with a section called ‘Glamburgers’. These are posh burgers, and I decided to select one of these, finding it tough to pick between Camembert or pork and chorizo, eventually settling on the cajun blue cheese and bacon burger.

Cajun blue cheese and bacon glamburger

As you can see, the meals are EXTREMELY generous with salad, coleslaw, thick  cut chips and onion rings. The burger was juicy and well cooked, with a lot of blue cheese which worked well for a cheese fan like me! I couldn’t finish all the chips or all the bread bun but I appreciated both the sheer amount of the food and the quality for the price – around £9-12 for each burger meal. If I was being really picky I would say that I found the coleslaw slightly too mayonnaise-y, but that’s my personal taste. Pedro also went for an epic sized meal, the chicken stack sandwich:

Chicken stack sandwhich

This comprises of two spicy chicken breasts in a bun served with chips, onion rings, salad and coleslaw with the addition of guacamole and salsa. Naturally, I had to try this (for blogging purposes, obviously) and the chicken was nice and moist. Afterwards we had to sit for a while and digest, so we couldn’t manage any dessert, but they looked amazing too! If it hadn’t have been lunchtime I might have partaken in a lovely cocktail at the glamorous bar:

Oscar's bar

But as it was the middle of the day and I was driving I decided not to! It would have been nice if someone had come to check if we wanted another drink during our meal, but it was quite busy, and Pedro and I were engrossed in not only our conversation, but also our tasty meals! (I was pretending a little bit that I was in Man vs Food and talking Pedro’s ear off – it was the diet coke).

Overall I would definitely recommend Oscar’s in York – rustic, homely and kooky with delicious and generously portioned grub. Certainly the best burger in York!


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