Blogging – The Beginning

A lot of people (ok, a few people) (ok, one person) have been asking me why I have started blogging, having never shown any interest for it before. As I’ve revealed in past posts, I am TERRIBLE at technology – this includes the internet. Although an avid Facebook user, I’ve only just worked Twitter out (still confused about how you get more followers – is bribery through chocolate allowed?) Setting up this blog, even on the user-friendly WordPress, has been a complicated mission. I had to have a cuppa and a lie down afterwards to deal with the stress. I still don’t think I’m using the lingo correctly – basically when blogging I am like a grandma texting – slow, confused, and WRONG. This is why my page is so bare – I definitely need some pointers on how to spruce it up! (comments gratefully received)

I think I started because I was enjoying reading my friend Emma’s blog (, which is now so successful that she is being asked to review lovely things, such as new novels and cookbooks. I decided that I wanted to review lovely things too – like posh beauty products, meals in nice restaurants, and a Mulberry handbag or two.

A quick digression to Mulberry handbags. They are the epitome of luxury. My friend Helen has several. She casually strolls around with them and it makes me sick with envy. Pedro once googled them to find out how much they are – and did a sort of comedic splutter at the price. Sadly they are too expensive to justify buying. This makes my heart sad. I would do a great blog if I had a Mulberry handbag. I would always be happy and have fabulous adventures and be the sort of woman who wears an ‘outift’ rather than just clothes. (This will never happen – I will never be able to style myself well and think beyond ‘What’s clean?’)

Anyway – the main difference between Emma and I is that she is a WRITER. With a background as an outstanding English teacher, who was a right old clever clogs coming up with amazing ideas to improve the school, Emma was bound to be a great blogger. She is also an award winning poet – perhaps if we ask nicely she’ll demonstrate some of those skills on her blog? Whereas I tend to just have a bit of a waffle on my posts, hers have FOCUS. And STRUCTURE. But are still warm and funny and positive. Yes – I am jealous of her superior blogability.

But back to my reasons for blogging – I not only wanted to be like Emma and be invited to fancy press launches and sent free things (for FREE). I also wanted to share and get advice on my life with Pedro – moving in with a boy for the first time argh! There is something very cathartic (and slightly worrying) about the fact that around 100 people view my blog a day and have a little read. As I’ve explained in previous posts, I love chatting to strangers. Blogging is a brilliant way to do that – not quite as instant gratification-wise as speed dating, but still satisfying. And people are so interesting! I love having a peep into their lives – one of my favourites is as she is planning the most gorgeous wedding and has lovely photos. (Don’t panic Pedro – I’m not getting ideas!)

I know that Pedro is also enjoying the blogging experience because last night he told me he has ‘blog envy’. I think we can chalk that up as a win!


4 thoughts on “Blogging – The Beginning

  1. Everything but the cabbage stick says:

    You are nuts but very kind-thank you ☺️. I think Pedro should start one as well, I wonder if they are any his and hers blogs out there. It could be very revealing!

  2. Thanks for linking to me, so glad you enjoy my blog! I enjoyed reading this post, your writing style is lovely! Gaining followers is painfully slow at the beginning- stick with it though! Maybe join in with the twitter blogger chats on Sundays (7pm #lbloggers- Lifestyle blogger chat), as they’re a great way of gaining new readers and meeting other bloggers? 🙂

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