The Positives of Living with Pedro

After my last blog post ‘Living with the Enemy’ I felt a bit guilty that I have only mentioned the negatives about moving in with the boy. So guilty in fact, when I confessed to Pedro I had already posted about him I was (briefly) concerned that the blog (and our relationship) would be short lived. Pedro was his usual marvellous self, and commented that he didn’t doubt there would be some ‘subtle hints’ in it, and his reading the blog before we moved in together would possibly be an unfair test of our living compatibility.

As a naturally very nosy person, I cannot imagine a situation where you could have the opportunity to find out things about someone – and you wouldn’t take it. Yes I hold my hands up – I am the sort of person who would read a diary, particularly if it said ‘SECRET’ on the front. On that premise, I have decided that of course Pedro will be reading this avidly, and therefore to ease my guilt I am going to list some of the positives of living with Pedro:

  1. I will co-own a brilliant cat.Whiskeroo

Whiskeroo is in equal parts cute, smelly, annoying, and hilarious. He quite rightly adores Pedro and has come to tolerate my company, appreciating that at times I am the person who feeds him, lets him out, or gives him a fuss. There will be further posts dedicated to his particular personality traits in the future – he has clearly lead a fascinating and colourful life.

  1. I will have help with technology.

I am a technophobe. Scart leads terrify me. Input cables confuse me. I feel an enormous sense of pride if I manage to change the batteries in the remote control. Creating this blog was a logistical feat for me, and I’m still not sure I have the hang of it! Pedro is not only computer literate, but he can also sort out HDMI leads like a pro (no, I don’t know what they are either)

  1. I will have someone to share cooking with.

Housemate and I are equally lazy when it comes to cooking. Housemate has one great signature dish – a classic fajita – which she rocks out when she wants to impress. Otherwise we enjoy the convenience and variety of that glorious creation: the microwave (and JustEat). I don’t want you to think that we are unskilled cooks – quite the contrary. We are food experts, and have judged many a cooking competition at professional level with pithy comments, witty asides, and a solid grasp of technical language. If only we were actually on the judging panel for Masterchef or Great British Menu rather than just sat at home watching it we would surely be considered food critics. Pedro is a very good cook, and if I’m honest I think that by ‘sharing’ the cooking I am hoping that he will do a lot of it…

Obviously the biggest positive is that Pedro is a fantastic boyfriend.

And he is very tall so can easily change lightbulbs/catch spiders on ceilings/hang pictures.


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