Living with the enemy…

I am moving in with a boy.

I have never lived with a boy before.

Well ok, my dad is a boy and I lived with him for the first 18 years of my life – and then for another 10 months or so during my PGCE. And for an awkward 6 months a couple of years later when I had to vacate a rather nasty damp flat in a hurry. But my dad was in a house full of GIRLS. His boy-ness in terms of living style was greatly diluted. The toilet seat was always down. There was always air freshener in the toilet. He would never win in the battle of what to watch on telly as he was always outnumbered in the vote. Other than this I have only lived with girls. Admittedly through university the cleanliness of kitchens was more than dubious (even now remembering overflowing bins, slugs on the kitchen floor and days of stagnant pans ‘soaking’ fills me with horror), but the rest of the house was usually fragrant and pleasant.

It doesn’t help that currently I live with the world’s best housemate in the most beautiful of flats. We have a bathroom EACH. We have a spare room to store STUFF and DRYING LAUNDRY. Best of all – we have A DISHWASHER. I have a feeling that one of my future blog posts will be an ‘Ode to Dishwasher Tetris’. Housemate is seriously amazing. We watch the same TV programmes (preferably involving food). We quite happily sit on an evening working on our laptops and chatting while watching said programmes. We share the same ideals on cleanliness and tidiness (fairly clean and tidy but not over the top). Housemate is ideal.

So now onto Pedro (the boy). I don’t want to boost his ego too much, but Pedro is a number one boyfriend. He’s the kind of boyfriend that has looked after me when very ill and frankly disgusting looking. He is a complete gentleman. And he has a hilarious cat (Whiskeroo). What could be better?! But the upshot is I am still moving in with a BOY.

My main concerns are:

  • He will leave the seat up
  • He will leave smelly clothes on the floor
  • He will leave boy stuff all over (you know, DVDs not in the right boxes, games console controls, etc)
  • He will use my posh beauty products (I don’t mean makeup! Shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser)

To address these points, I must explain that currently:

  1. He does leave the seat up when I stay with him for the weekend – however it is his house, and I’m sure if he knew this was an issue for me he would put it down. I cannot explain even to myself why having to put the seat down is a problem – perhaps it relates subconsciously to centuries of female oppression?!
  2. He does leave his washing on the floor (in a tidy and unobtrusive heap) – however he does not have a washing basket. Perhaps if I provided said basket it would be tastefully hidden from view? Must experiment.
  3. He does put DVDs etc back in the right boxes – this personal peeve of mine goes back to an ex housemate who used to put them back in the wrong box – argh! Imagine wanting to watch ‘Confessions of a Shopaholic’ and getting ‘Trainspotting’…
  4. He has never shown any inclination whatsoever to use my beauty products. He is low maintenance and perfectly happy with his functional man products.

But – does everything change once you’ve moved in together?


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